How to get Rid of Dark Lips - Natural and Home Remedies for Dark Lip Lightening

When lips darken and adopt a brownish, bluish or blackish hue, this could steal from the general glamor of your facial appearance. Lifestyle habits such as smoking, dryness, cosmetic products, hyperpigmentation and lip sunburns can all contribute to dark lips. Below we look at methods of getting rid of dark lips using over the counter products, home and natural remedies. Also included is a section on how to get rid of dark lips from smoking.

How to get Rid of Dark Lips

Dark lips can give you a weird look. It is not easy to hide your dark lips, and thus they can lower your self-confidence. You may have tried a lot of things to get rid of dark lips. However, you may still notice the darkness on your lips. So what do you do next? Here are some of the methods on how to get rid of dark lips without using a lot of effort.

Dark Lips Treatment Products

Laetitia Dark Lips Cream Review

Laetitia dark lip cream is one of the products that you can use to brighten your lips. It removes lip darkness and dark spots on the lips. The cream is made of natural ingredients which are effective in treating hyper pigmented lips. Laetitia cream is safe, fast and an effective product for removing dark lips. It is made of de-pigmenting agents that get rid melanin pigmentation. Therefore, you brighter lips in four weeks.

Using Laetitia dark lips

Apply the cream 1-3 times a day. You should apply it in the morning, afternoon and at night. You may feel a slight sensation on first time application. The cream will get rid of melanin pigments. It is advisable not to use lip for the first week of applying the Laetitia cream. The ingredients are licorice extract, kojic acid, and alpha arbutin.

Who can use Laetitia Cream?

Laetitia dark lips is meant for people who have black or dark lips. It works by reducing the melanin pigment. Men and women can use Laetitia. The cream does not have harmful chemicals and is made using safe ingredients. In case you do not get the result in four weeks, you will get money back guarantee from the company. Therefore, you do not have anything to lose.

Biotique Bio Fruit Whitening Lip Balm

Biotique whitening lip balm is for individuals who want to not only lighten but moisturize their lips as well. It is suitable for both men and women with dark lips. Biotique contains nutrients, minerals, vitamins and skin lightening ingredients. Using it on a regular basis will result in a youthful, rejuvenated and plump lips. Moreover, it has natural ingredients suitable for getting rid of dark lips.

Dark Lips Magic Cream

Just like the name suggest, dark lips magic cream will do some magic to your is suitable treatment for smokers. All you have to do is apply it twice or three times in a day and get the required results in 7 days. You will get the best results when you use the product before bedtime.

How to Lighten Dark Lips Naturally

Dark patches on lips affect both men and women. Lifestyle is one of the main contributors of the dark lips. Everybody likes to have pink rosy lips. You cannot use lipstick all the time. Try out these natural remedies to lighten dark lips.

Lemon juice

Lemon is a natural bleaching agent. As such, it is effective in lightening dark lips. It can also be used to remove acne and dark spots on the face. It not only lightens the lips but will also remove the darker patches on your skin. Squeeze the lemon and massage on your lips. To get faster results, use the remedy every day before going to bed. You can also use it to make a lip scrub. To make an exfoliator using lemon, get a lemon slice and then squeeze into sugar. Mix the two using your fingers. Rub in a circular motion and repeat it every time before going to bed.


the other natural home remedy for treating darker lips is honey. Apply honey on your lips at night and leave it there until morning. The result is soft and lighter lips. The honey will protect your lips from sunburn and bacterial infections. Additionally, it moisturizes your lips.

Beet root

beet root has a deep purple color which will gradually reduce the darkness on your lips. Moreover, beetroot will cleanse your lips. It is readily available and can help you get the pink rosy lips that you want. Apply beetroot juice on your lips before going to sleep. Do it on a daily basis to get the best results. Wash off in the morning. The red color will make your lips lighter. You can also make a mixture of beet root and carrot juice and apply to your lips. Massage and leave for 10 minutes, then rinse off with lukewarm water.

Dark lips home remedies

Raspberry scrub

Raspberry has vitamins and minerals that will give you vibrant lips. Make a mixture of raspberry with pure honey and aloe Vera. Massage the mixture on your lips and then rinse off after 10 minutes. To enhance the glow, apply lip balm on your lips.

Sugar scrub

the sugar scrub is a lip exfoliator. The sugar will remove the unwanted dead skin cells. You can make the scrub by using three spoons of sugar and two spoons of butter. You can also use granulated sugar and mix with some water. You will have a thick paste and apply it onto your face. You can use the mixture on your lips. Use the scrub three times in a week, and you will get lighter lips.

Getting rid of dark lips from smoking

It is a fact that smoking significantly affects your health. It is for this reason that manufacturers are required to inform consumers about the effects of smoking. The smoke build-up in the blood vessels will reduce the blood flow to the lips and skin thus making your lips dark. You can prevent getting the dark lips from smoking by quitting smoking. If you have started using cigarettes recently, then you should quit as soon as possible. It is the only way to get lighter lips.

Now that you know of the ways to get rid of dark lips, you do not have to be stressed over the issue. Just choose any of the above methods and see your lips become lighter in a matter of weeks. Increase your self-confidence by lightening your lips. The steps are easy, and you can get effective results in a very short time.


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