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Itchy Eyebrows Causes and Treatment

The eyebrows are quite conspicuous and seeing that they are on the face, everyone is bound to notice when something is wrong about them. One common concern among both men and women is itchy eyebrows. What could lead to this uncomfortable situation and how do you salvage yourself. we did some research regarding the same and came up with the information we have put down below

Scabs on Lips not Cold Sores and Won't Heal

In this post you will find out what the scabs on lips that are not cold sores are and the reasons why they are not healing. Some treatment and options on how to get rid of them using natural home remedies have also been suggested.
What are Scabs on Lips When the skin is hurt, a blood clot forms to stop bleeding. As time goes by, the blood clot hardens forming a hard protective layer on the wounded skin. This is what is referred to as a scab. It forms as part of the healing process whenever the skin is wounded.