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Infected Lip Piercing Bump Sign and Care

How long does an infected lip piercing take to heal? This will depend on how timely treatment is and how well the infected piercing is cared for. That is why we researched on the causes of infection, the treatments, sterilization and home remedy options to help hasten the lip piercing healing

How to Get Rid of Eye Boogers in Toddlers during the Day

I recently watched a child eating eye boogers absent minded and couldn’t help but feel disgusted. There wasn’t much I could do though. I later on went on and researched on the topic to learn more about the same. Below I discuss my findings on eye boogers on toddlers and babies, their causes, why you may experience a lot of gunk and what you can do to prevent their formation.
Eye Boogers Going by other names such as sleep in eyes, eye mattering, eye pus and eye gunk, eye boogers are a combination of oil, mucus, skin cells and debris that tend to accumulate in the eyes as you are sleeping. The characteristics of the boogers varies. They could be dry, sticky or crusty and take various coloration such as yellow, white, brown of green.

Eyebrow Microblading Healing and After Care

We have all seen eyebrow tattoos gone wrong. This is never anyone’s wish seeing what an important facial feature eyebrows are. In 2016, social media has been flooded with images of brows on fleek with participants seeking to show off their brow game. It is in this year that the eyebrow microblading trend has picked up.

Sunburned Lips Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

Sunburned lips are lips that have suffered the consequences of sun damage. When lip skin is subjected to direct UV rays without sunscreen protection, it suffers burns. With time, blisters that could be confused for cold sores may appear. Below we explore the symptoms, treatments as well as things you can do for sunburned lips prevention