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Ingrown Nose Hair Symptoms Inside, Outside, Under and on Tip

As will be seen as we progress, nasal hair has important biological functions. This though does not mean that you should leave it to become a scruffy bush. This does not only give you an untidy look but leaks of neglect when it comes to personal grooming; thus the need for hair removal from the nose. Yet, in this grooming procedure lies in the problem; that of developing ingrown nose hair. Below we explore the symptoms, causes and how to get rid of ingrown hair in nose.

Ingrown Hair Scabs that Won't Go Away on Face, Legs, Belly

Ingrown hairs are common on the pubic area, face, legs and the beard. As such, any of these areas can have an ingrown hair scab. Scabbing is the skin’s way of protecting itself against infections. We look at the relationship between ingrown hair and scabbing, what to do if the condition won’t go away as well as how to treat and get rid of scabbing around ingrown hairs.

Inner Thigh Rash from Rubbing, during Pregnancy, not Itchy, Smells, Treatment and Remedies

Inner thigh rash from rubbing, STIs after swimming or running; whether occurring in males or females, in adults or toddlers or even during pregnancy is always a source of discomfort. Find out the causes of smelly rash, a rash that is not itchy as well as rash after rubbing below and the accompanying treatment and preventive measures.

Lumps on Inner Thighs Identification and Treatment

Lumps on inner thighs do not discriminate on gender and can occur on both males and females. While not all are painful, most are uncomfortable in the least. In this post we explore various types of lumps found on inner thighs including near the groin area and bikini line as well as possible implications and treatments

How to Get Rid of White Spots on Nails Fast and Overnight

Are you getting bothered by tiny spots on your nails? Worry no more as this posts explores, in details, various ways on how to get rid of white spots on nails fast, overnight and after nail polish through professional treatment by your doctor, using natural home remedies and at home self-care. 

Bumps on Inner Thighs from Rubbing Treatment and Prevention

Bumps, rashes, hives or even lumps on inner thighs are always a disaster. They are uncomfortable, painful and make walking hard. Below we look at how to treat and prevent bumps on inner thighs from rubbing together

Big Boils on Inner Thigh with no Head, Recurring, Very Painful, Treatment and Bursting

Boils are not only uncomfortable but can get extremely painful too. Having boils on inner thigh can render walking a laborious activity. We look at the causes, treatment and prevention in details and also explore scarring, bleeding and recurrence of boils on the inner thighs of both females and males.

Paintball Bruises that Won't go Away, How to Treat and Avoid

Paint-balling has been a growing sport over time. People will engage in it for fun, as a way of venting out pent up emotions and even in place of bachelorette parties. Whatever the reason for your engagement, it is possible to attain paintball related injuries the most common of which are paintball bruises and welts. This article gets into the details of how to treat the bruises, what you can do to avoid them as well as how long they last. 

White Spot on Eyelid Rim, above Eyelid for Months, Small and Hard

The human eye is quite conspicuous and the eyelid plays a vital role in protecting it. The skin surrounding it is thin and sensitive. The anatomy of the eye is such that the are is surrounded by numerous hair follicles and oil glands. These make it prone to bumps, lumps and spots of different kinds. this article explores what a white spot on eyelid may be depending on its location including on the rim, inside the eyelid, on the upper or lower eyelid. In addition, we look at varying characteristics such as small, hard or spots appearing for months.

Sea Lice Rash Symptoms Spreading, Treatment and Prevention

Whether you are experiencing it on the feet or legs or deep in your armpits, you may be wondering, what is sea lice rash? Do not let the name misguide you: The condition involves formation of raised skin lesions after being exposed to jellyfish larvae as opposed to sea lice. Find out how to get rid of the rash using simple home treatments, preventive measures as well as what its spreading means.

Eyelash Mites Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Eyelash mites are worm like parasites that take up residence in the hair follicles and pores of a host and feed off them. Also referred to as face mites, these creatures are found on the nose, forehead, cheeks, chin and on the eyelashes.

Chiggers Rash Symptoms, Treatment, Spreading and how Long it Takes

Did you just become aware of these pesky insects and are wondering “What do chiggers rash look like?” they are some reddish orange mites that infest humans and cause untold misery. Here, we look as chiggers rash symptoms, infection, spreading, treatment and how long it lasts.

Lip Rash above Chin and on Upper Lip Causes and Treatment Remedies

Whether your lip rash is on the upper lip, on the lower lip, above the chin, around the lips or at the corner of your lips, whether it was obtained after kissing or due to allergic reactions, we have it covered in this article. We explore why you may be experiencing those pesky lesions and help you reinstate healthy skin on and around your lips.

How to Get Rid of Hangnails

Ever had a tear at the edge of your nail resulting in some skin hanging out? Well, that right there is what referred to as a hangnail. Although not much of a health concern unless infected, hangnails can be uncomfortable. Below is a procedure on how to get rid of hangnails, the causes, how to prevent them and when it’s time to see the doctor.

Bubbles in Nail Polish Causes and Prevention when Dried Up

Both gurus and novices are bound to experience mishaps during the application process. These may include smudges and bubbles in nail polish during their careers. These imperfections, though minor, take time to fix. Bubbles are worse since they may not be noticeable until the polish has dried up. Find out why bubbles in nail polish form as well as how to stop and prevent them.

Beau's Lines (Horizontal Ridges) on Nails Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Do you have horizontal ridges on your nails and are wondering what they are? Known as Beaus lines, these ridges could be caused by trauma, systematic diseases, skin disorders as well as nutritional deficiency. We delve into the causes, treatments, home remedies and preventive measures to help you deal with Beau’s lines

How to Get Rid of a Bruised Lip from Kissing and Juvederm

Bruises on the face are never fun. Having a bruise on the lips is likely to get you a number of funny looks. Where the bruise is obtained from kissing and making out, it can leave you with such a guilty conscience as well as leave you at your wits end explaining the cause. In such cases, all you want is to eliminate the bruise and save yourself from the funny looks and endless questions. In most cases, bruises require no medical attention. Left on their own, they will clear between seven to fourteen days. This duration can, however, be shortened by boosting quick healing. We discuss the details of these and much more below.

How to Stop Dry Heaving in the Morning, after Drinking and Eating

Wondering why you are going through dry heaving in the morning, after eating or even after vomiting? Find out the causes, how to stop dry heaving with home remedies as well as permanent cures.