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Ingrown Hair Cessation of Shaving

Can cessation of shaving help in eliminating the problem of ingrown hair?
Areas of repetitive hair removal such as men’s neck, women’s chin, the pubic region, legs, and face are at a high risk of developing ingrown hair. Ingrown hair develops when hair embeds in the skin or coils sideways instead of emerging out of the skin’s surface. It is usually accompanied by symptoms such as pain, pruritus, and firm pustules which may be hyper-pigmented or skin colored. Severe cases may result in formation of ingrown hair scabs.

Sebaceous Cyst on Nose Symptoms, Causes and Removal

A cyst on nose may appear on its bridge, the side, under or inside the nostrils. depending on what is causing it, these are classified into different types such as sebaceous or pillar cysts. get the details of these as well as how to remove and treat nasal cysts in the article below.

How to Make Yourself Sneeze on Demand

We all know that annoying and, at times, frustrating feeling of wanting to sneeze without really doing so. How about moments when you have a stuffy nose and all you want is to have it clear? Well, worry no more for it is possible to make yourself sneeze. The methods available range from using pepper. However, if that is too hot for you and you are looking to make yourself sneeze without pepper, we have you covered. Below, find how to make yourself sneeze easily on demand.

How to Stop Picking Scabs on Scalp and Eating them

While picking scabs on scalp may be a harmless indulgence prompted by itch, it could also develop into a repetitive behavior. In this case, it develops into a serious disorder referred to as dermatillomania, which will at times include eating of the picked scabs as well. Find out the reasons for scalp scab picking and how to stop the habit.

How to Clean Dog Eye Boogers, Causes and Home Remedies

Find out the causes of brown, red, green, yellow, white or black dog eye boogers, how to clean the gunk up, home remedies and tips to protect your dog’s eyes.

Sunburned Scalp Symptoms, Flaking, Repair and Home Remedies

We explore the various aspects affecting a sunburned scalp including the symptoms, flaking, yellow crust, oozing and hair loss. Also included are various natural home treatments and methods to repair a sun damaged scalp.

How to Get Rid of Sulfur Burps Fast, at Home and During Pregnancy

Sulfur burps are not only uncomfortable but embarrassing too. They will make you conscious and it would be socially awkward to be in the presence of people while experiencing them. We look at what sulfur burps are, what causes them, what to eat to stop them, treatments and home remedies. Also find out how to get rid of sulfur burps during pregnancy

Red Scabs on Scalp Won't Heal, Cancer, Picking and Eating them

A scab on scalp may be itchy or not. It could also affect a child or an adult. Most of the causes of this itchy and mostly uncomfortable condition can be avoided. We explore scabs from bleaching or hair dye, causes of picking on scalp scabs and eating them, why they won’t go away, bleeding and treatment as well as how to tell the signs of cancer scabs.

Infected Ingrown Hair Cyst Symptoms, Treatment and Removal

Ingrown hair may be a benign condition but it at times develops variations that require in-depth knowledge to distinguish. For example, how do you tell apart an ingrown hair from a cyst? Is it possible for a hair to develop into a cyst? Below we look at these minute details and delve, in details, in the murky world of infected ingrown hair cyst. We also explore various treatments ingrown and removal procedures for infected cyst from ingrown hair.

Sebaceous Filaments on Nose Vs. Blackhead Removal and Extraction

Squeezing pores addiction is real. There are people who can’t seem to keep their hands off their skin. That had been be until I realized that when I squeeze my nose pores, white stuff comes out. Initially I assumed they were comedones. Upon further investigation I realized I was wrong. They were sebaceous filaments on nose. Below we find out what these are, the differences between them and blackheads as well as sebaceous filaments removal on nose using products and tools.