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Whiteheads on Breasts that Won't go Away During Pregnancy

In case you are wondering whether they are normal, whiteheads on breasts are quite common. They are especially likely to flare-up during pregnancy or when after birth when breast feeding. They may appear as pimples under the breast, around the nipples or even on the chest between the breasts. Below we discuss what to do when they won't go away and how to get rid of them.

Whiteheads on Nose Keep Coming Back, how to get Rid of, Removal and Home Remedies

This post explores, in details, the causes of whiteheads on nose, why they might keep coming back, what it means when the whiteheads are on the nose crease or inside it as well as various ways on how to get rid of them, their removal and readily available home remedies.

Intensely Itchy after Shower or Bath, No Rash, Red Bumps

Find out why you may be itchy after shower or after taking a cold bath, causes of itchy red bumps, itching with no rash as well as prevention and remedies for skin that is itchy after a shower.

Ingrown Armpit Hair Symptoms, Removal and Home Remedies

Ingrown hairs cause a lot of pain and discomfort. An ingrown hair in armpit is painful and irritating. Even worse is when it results in swelling, boils, abscesses or deep cysts. The armpit is also a conducive environment for microorganisms which could result in an infected ingrown hair. The infection, if not treated, could lead to scabbing or scarring, hyperpigmentation and keloids in severe cases. We get into the details of these below.