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Newborn Chapped Lips Causes, Prevention and Treatment

You may be wondering:
What can I put on my baby’s chapped lips? Is lip balm safe? These are common questions especially from first-time mums who have not had any experience caring for a newborn. This post explores these questions in depth. You will learn what causes newborn chapped lips, treatment using breast milk and lanolin as well as why you should not use chapstick on your baby and much more.

How to Get Rid of Ingrown Hair on Lip Line and Upper Lip

Are you wondering if what you have is an ingrown hair, cold sore or a pimple? This post examines the distinguishing features of an ingrown hair on lips, how to get rid of it, prevention and infection treatment.

How to Speed up Cold Sore Scabs Healing

Cold sore scabs are not only conspicuous but painful and uncomfortable too. Even worse is when the scab over and crack or bleed. Below we look at the stages involved I formation of a cold sore scab, whether it is contagious, if it can go away on its own, why it falls off and various home treatments to make it heal faster.

How to Get Rid of Eyelash Lice, Symptoms and Causes

The misery resulting from an eyelash lice infestation is immeasurable. Despite being so tiny, these parasites could see you lose your eyelashes. What causes them and how do you get them? What are their symptoms? Below we discuss these in addition to lash lice diagnosis and how to get rid of them.

Ingrown Eyelash Symptoms, Treatment, Removal and Home Remedies

The symptoms of an ingrown eyelash are mostly obvious but what are the causes of this uncomfortable eye condition? The ingrowth of lashes may be caused by something as simple as aggressive lash curling or as complex as entropion. Will an ingrown eyelash fix itself? Yes it will but this could take a while. Over the counter medication can help to get rid of ingrown eyelash symptoms. Healing can be hastened by removal of the ingrown lash hair. The details of these and more are discussed below.

How to Get Rid of a Unibrow Forever and Naturally at Home

Is photoshop the only method you know of how to get rid of a unibrow? If this is the case, you are missing out on a wide range of options that include professional treatments for permanent unibrow hair removal and natural home procedures. Find out what options there are on how to get rid of a unibrow fast, permanently and at home are including those that don’t involve waxing and getting pimples for males, females and even children.

Biting Inside of Lip while Eating, Sleeping, Effects and How to Stop and Heal

Whether you engage in biting inside of lip simply because it feels good or as a result of something you can’t explain, the resulting sores are quite uncomfortable. We look at the causes of lip biting while eating or in sleep as well as how to stop it.

Scabs on Nipples from Breast feeding, Not Pregnant, Small and Brown

A scab is a crusted covering that is usually dry and scaly. It forms on wounds to form a protective barrier over a wound. It is a part of the healing process. When too dry, scabs become itchy and painful. Below we explore scabs on nipples when breasting feeding, pregnant, and in males.

Heal scabs on Face Overnight and Fast for a Flawless Skin

Scabbing of the skin is a normal healing process. Scabs on the face form when there is damage on the tissue. They are caused by injury, acne, bacterial infections, picking on the skin, scratching, eczema and dry skin. When scabs form on the face, they are a nuisance and will make you conscious on how you look. In case you are wondering how to heal scabs on face overnight or fast, get the details below.

Gas Bubble in Eye after Cataract Surgery Recovery and Side Effects

Here are the details on bubble in eye including the causes, types, bubble in eye vision, gas bubble in eye after cataract surgery recovery and the possible side effects.
Bubble in Eye A bubble in eye may appear as a clear or colored bump or blister in the eye. Where this does not manifest in addition to other symptoms, the bubble is mostly a cosmetic concern as opposed to being a health concern. These tend to go away on their own without having to make any intervention.

Do Scabs Heal Faster Dry or Moist?

Scabs form as a normal part of the healing process when skin is injured. In this article, we answer the question "do scabs heal faster dry or moist?" by exploring the healing stages of a wound. We also examine how to keep a wound moist at home using readily available products.

Blackheads on Lips Treatment and Home Remedies

Can u get blackheads on your lips? Yes you can. Blackheads are common in various parts of the body and the lips are no exception. What their causes are and what you can do about black heads around the lips include simple home remedies are discussed below.
Blackheads on Lips Blackheads on lips occur when hair follicles within the skin become clogged. In the hair follicles are sebaceous glands found at its base. These are responsible for producing oil to keep the skin soft and protected as well as keep the hair lubricated.

My Dog Has Dry Flaky Skin and Scabs

Once in a while, my dog will have dry flaky skin and scabs. If these are not well taken care off, a pet’s health may deteriorate quite fast. It is, therefore, vital to take action immediately you notice a problem. To see changes on the skin of your dog, regularly groom them. This way you get to save your pooch the agony of severe dryness, flaking and scabbing. We get into the causes and remedies in the post

Why You Woke Up with Swollen Eyelids with no Pain

Did you wake up with wake up with puffy eyelids? Quite a number of people complain that they woke up with swollen eyelid. The tissues surrounding the yes are loose and quite vulnerable. The eye areas are also vulnerable to water retention as one sleeps. Both grownups and toddlers are not spared by some of these causes such as mosquito bites. We explore the various causes for swollen eyelids that come without pain, why you may be waking up with the swelling every day as well as why your eyes could swell shut. Once these are exhausted, we offer you some suggestions on how to manage the swelling and pointers on when you should seek medical help.

Swollen Eyebrow from Thyroid Problems, Piercing, Ingrown Hair, Botox, and Lumps

Swelling in the body is referred to as edema. This can occur in any part of the body. When one has a swollen eyebrow, there is no way of concealing. The appearance of the face gets distorted and the feeling of the swelling can be both painful and uncomfortable. To help eliminate the protrusion, it is important to know what the causes of the swelling are. 

Eyebrows Falling Out Causes and Remedies to Regrow Eyebrow Hair

The role of eyebrows in shaping the face can never be underestimated. They are such an important facial feature that their absence will be conspicuous and give you an odd appearance. There are different reasons why you may be experiencing eyebrows falling out. These range from serious medical conditions such as thyroid problems to simple grooming mistakes such as over-plucking. This post goes into the details of these as well as other accompanying symptoms such as itch, how to grow them back.

What are Spider Veins, How Do You Get Them and Ways of Getting Rid of Them

Spider veins are a condition that affects women more than men. This may be attributed to the difference in lifestyles. To understand and learn how to manage this condition, it is important to know what they are, how one gets them and the natural ways through which we can deal with them at home. Below we explore these areas.

Chola Eyebrows Origin, History, Tattoos and How to Tutorial

Below we discuss the origin and history of the Chola eyebrow concept as well as how to do it, places to draw inspiration from and how to avoid bad chola eyebrows.

How to Treat and Remove Eyebrow Ingrown Hair

Find out all there is to know about ingrown eyebrow hair including the causes, symptoms, treatments and tips on how to avoid the same in this post.