Chola Eyebrows Origin, History, Tattoos and How to Tutorial

Below we discuss the origin and history of the Chola eyebrow concept as well as how to do it, places to draw inspiration from and how to avoid bad chola eyebrows.

Chola Eyebrows Origin and History

The Chola culture emerged in the 80s and 90s as a Mexican-American defiant statement of identity in an environment that was racially charged. 

While the concept of the look may only be a few decades old, the Wyoming cholas were not the initiators. The chola concept goes beyond a look. It is part of inherited and ancestral culture. The term was initially used by European colonisers in reference to mixed or indigenous populations occupying Central and South America. This is the reason why the term may be offence to some people. 

In the 1960s, the United States Mexican Americans in the United States reclaimed the term. Through the Chicano Power movement, they used it as a means to flip and empower a term historically used to denigrate them.

The chola gangster style developed to include sharpie chola eyebrows, dark lip liner and a characteristic form of dressing. Since then, the chola culture has grown from being a simple LA subculture to being a form of street art and celebrity obsession. Below we explore the chola eyebrow part of it.

Chola Eyebrows Tutorial – Chola Eyebrows How to

Below is how to achieve the look.


For a perfect outcome, you need to do the makeup right from the beginning. Apply foundation on your face using your finger tips or a makeup sponge. Don’t forget the jaw line. Use loose powder to set the foundation.

Sculpt your Cheekbones

Use a dark shade of blush or a bronzer below the cheek bones. For the apples of your cheeks, apply red based blush. Finish off using a highlighter across the bone.

Shaping the Eyebrows

The eyebrows are the heart of the chola eyebrows style. They should have been plucked to form a thin arch before getting on to the makeup. Using a dark brow pencil, define the brows so it gets a highly arched and thin line.

Defining the Eyes

To complete the look, the eyes should be defined in a particular way. Use a neutral eyeshadow starting from the lash line to the brow bone. To highlight the under eye, use a light color. As you move to the eyelid crease, apply a dark color and ensure it is drawn out at the corners of the eyes.
The lower and upper eyelids should then be colored with a black eye pencil while drawing the line out at the eyes’ corners. For a sharper look, use liquid liner. To finish up this bit, use two coats of mascara.


To emphasize on the look, do not forget to line and color the lips. This is yet another aspect of the chola makeup that gives it a distinctive appearance. To line the entire lip, use a chocolate brown or dark burgundy lip liner. Extend this to beyond the lip corners to give them sharp points. For the lipstick, use brow or pink shades that are about three shades lighter.

Chola Eyebrows Pictures - Chola Eyebrows Photo

Chola Eyebrows Sharpie

Sharpie eyebrows have been a growing trend in the recent past. The term is used to describe scenarios in which the eyebrows have been completely shaven and in their place a sharpie marker used to draw some in.
A chola eyebrows sharpie is used in the same way. The eyebrows are shaven and a sharpie used to achieve the chola eyebrows look. This method offers a look that can last for a few days but which does not stay as long as tattooed brows.
Using sharpie eyebrows offers a very bold and severe look. It has the ability to create an extremely thin brow line. It is not recommended by most beauty experts. If you want a milder chola eyebrow look, use stencils and eyebrow pencils as discussed above.

Chola Tattooed Eyebrows

Shaving and then having to draw the chola eyebrows may be cumbersome. In case you fancy this as a long term look, you could get chola tattooed eyebrows. The procedure serves as a semi-permanent form of makeup. It could last upto a number of years with the only maintenance being regular touch ups.  This should therefore only be adopted when you  are certain that this is the look you want.

Instead of going directly to tattooing, you can first start off with less permanent options. Eyebrow microbrading is one. It lasts for a few months and removal procedures are painful and costly. You could also try stick on chola eyebrows. Once you are certain about it, get the chola tattooed eyebrows look. Once you have decided, evaluate the cost, benefits, side effects and after care necessary. Enquire around for a reliable tattoo studio and get the eyebrows done. 

While the look can give your face a great appearance, it is also possible to have chola eyebrows gone wrong. Practice long enough until you perfect the look. Check social media sites such as tumble, pinterest and watch youtube videos to avoid them going wrong. You could also get inspiration from celebrities.


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