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Eyebrows Falling Out Causes and Remedies to Regrow Eyebrow Hair

The role of eyebrows in shaping the face can never be underestimated. They are such an important facial feature that their absence will be conspicuous and give you an odd appearance. There are different reasons why you may be experiencing eyebrows falling out. These range from serious medical conditions such as thyroid problems to simple grooming mistakes such as over-plucking. This post goes into the details of these as well as other accompanying symptoms such as itch, how to grow them back.

What are Spider Veins, How Do You Get Them and Ways of Getting Rid of Them

Spider veins are a condition that affects women more than men. This may be attributed to the difference in lifestyles. To understand and learn how to manage this condition, it is important to know what they are, how one gets them and the natural ways through which we can deal with them at home. Below we explore these areas.