Eyebrows Falling Out Causes and Remedies to Regrow Eyebrow Hair

The role of eyebrows in shaping the face can never be underestimated. They are such an important facial feature that their absence will be conspicuous and give you an odd appearance. There are different reasons why you may be experiencing eyebrows falling out. These range from serious medical conditions such as thyroid problems to simple grooming mistakes such as over-plucking. This post goes into the details of these as well as other accompanying symptoms such as itch, how to grow them back.

Eyebrows Falling Out Causes

Why are my eyebrows falling out and not growing back? Whenever you experience eyebrows falling out and as long as the causes are not addressed, they will not grow back. It is therefore important to establish what is causing your predicament so you can eliminate the cause and concentrate on efforts to regrow them.

1.      Eyebrows Falling Out due to Thyroid (Hypothyroidism)

The thyroid gland produces thyroid hormones which are responsible for controlling protein synthesis and the rate of energy sources use. Hypothyroidism occurs when the thyroid gland is underactive and thus not producing enough hormones. This then affects the body hair growth process. Thinning and falling eyebrows is a sign of late hypothyroidism.

It adopts a specific pattern with the loss being concentrated on brow’s outer edge. Before it gets to this point, there will be other early signs such as constipation, fatigue, brittle hair, dry pale loss, lethargy, weight gain and muscle cramps.

To regrow eyebrows lost due to thyroid problems, hormonal replacement using prescription tablets can be done. This will not only regrow eyebrows but hairs lost for the same problem in other parts of the body. Consider visiting your doctor for treatment.

2.      Eyebrows Falling Out Stress

Eyebrows falling out as a result of stress is common. It occurs when the normal cycle of hair growth is altered. Stress can result in the inhibition of normal hair growth where there are ongoing bouts of anxiety, low moods and general stress.

According to livestrong.com, it is suspected that stress results in the hair follicles being attacked by nerve cells which send opposing signals. The extent of loss depends on the extent of stress, this could be acute or chronic. To get rid of this, it is necessary to adopt appropriate stress management.

3.      Chemotherapy

Cancer treatment drugs and procedures are known to inflict loss of hair temporarily. The loss is not restrained to the head but the whole body. It is therefore common for patients undergoing chemotherapy to experience loss of eyelashes and eyebrows. The loss may set in two to three weeks after treatment has been initiated. Once treatment is completed, the hair will start to regrow and your eyebrows will recover.

4.      Alopecia Areata

With this autoimmune system disease, the immune system attacks the hair follicles. This affects any part of the skin that bears skin.  Once the follicles are attacked, there is inflammation and loss of hair on the site. When eyebrows are falling out as a result of this, they could be treated through injection of corticosteroids. The eyebrows will grow back but they may take a different color from the initial one.

5.      Autoimmune Disorders

Hansen’s Disease

This is commonly known as leprosy. It is an infection of the nerves and skin and is caused by bacterium Mycobacterium leprae. It can affect the eyebrow area causing a loss of sensation as well as eyebrows falling out.


Just like Hansens Disease, this too is an autoimmune disease. It results in various. This results in the body’s immune system attacks the body tissues. In addition to the patients’ eyebrows falling out suddenly, they will also experience inflammation and swelling on the skin, pain in the muscles, red rashes on the face and paleness on the fingers and toes.

6.      Skin Conditions


While eyebrow dandruff on itself does not cause them to fall out, most conditions that cause eyebrow dandruff and flaking will see your eyebrows falling out. The conditions include dry skin, contact and allergic dermatitis. With this the eyebrows will be itchy in addition to falling out with time.

Atopic Dermatitis

When the eyebrow area suffers atopic dermatitis, the skin suffers red itchy skin patches. Additionally, it could cause skin inflammation, swelling and eyebrow hair loss. The situation is usually aggravated by cosmetic and skin products that cause skin irritation. The hair should regrow once the condition clears.

Other skin conditions that may affect the skin around the eyebrows and result in eyebrows falling out include psoriasis and seborrhea. The presence of skin tags and skin moles may result in eyebrow hair loss. Additionally, burns and accidents that result in scarring could see your eyebrows falling out permanently.

7.      Menopause

When experiencing menopause, there is hormonal imbalance. This results in both visible and invisible changes. One of these is hair loss which mostly affects the scalp. It is however possible for other areas including the eyebrows to be affected and see hair falling out of them.

8.      Trichotillomania

This is a compulsive obsessive disorder. Which gives the participant a recurrent and irresistible urge to pull out their hair. This could be on the scalp or other parts of the body, the eyebrows included. Areas that are subjected to the behavior will experience bald patches and your eyebrows will be sparse.

9.      Fungus

Fungal infections such as ringworm can result in temporary loss of eyebrows. Left untreated over a long time, this condition will not only result in permanent loss of eyebrow hair but cause scarring around the area.

10.  Over plucking

Eyebrows grooming is a common practice intended to give shape and form to the eyebrow hairs. However, if overdone, hair removal on the eyebrows could result in eyebrows falling out. This can be caused by any hair removal procedure may it be waxing, threading or tweezing. Overdoing these things makes it hard to regrow the hair and could see you experience permanent hair loss. The aggressiveness could also result in ingrown eyebrow hair, infections and damage of the hair follicles. Severe damage of the hair follicles will cause a permanent loss of eyebrow hair.

11.  Age Thinning

With age comes the loss of hair. Although this is mostly observed through a balding scalp, it could affect other hairy parts of the body. The decreased rate of hair growth may be the reason why you are experiencing eyebrow hair loss. This is usually irreversible but can be corrected using makeup. Additionally, age brings about slowed metabolism rates. This could see your eyebrows falling out faster than they are replaced.

12.  Dietary Deficiency

Any nutritional deficiency that affects your scalp negatively is also likely to lead to hair loss in other parts of the body. On the other hand, a well-balanced diet ensures healthy hair and general health. To activate hair growth, consume sufficient amounts of vitamin D. biotin could also help in conditioning and strengthening hair thus reducing the rate at which your eyebrows falling out occurs.

Eyebrows Falling Out Treatment

Once you realize that your eyebrow hair is falling out, it is likely that you would wish to correct the situation. The choice of eyebrows falling out treatment depends on the cause and whether the loss is permanent or temporary. For temporary eyebrow hair loss, intervention is meant to be coarse and stimulate the hair follicles so the hair can start growing again. Permanent loss requires more comprehensive and long lasting solutions.

Consumption of a Balanced Diet

Eating the right foods will promote general skin and hair health. Getting enough of vitamins A, C, D and E, enough servings of vegetables and fruits daily will provide necessary nutrients. Silica is a vital hair growth mineral and can be found in raisins, beer, bananas and oats.

Ensure there is enough iron as its deficiency is one of the causes of hair loss. Also incorporate omega 3 fatty acids. These will help keeping you eyebrow hair healthy. Finally, do not forget to stay properly hydrated by taking enough amounts of water. If necessary, talk to your doctor for advice on taking hair growth supplements so as to restore your eyebrows.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a great moisturizer. It will keep the hair healthy and is quite effective in preventing hair loss. Once you have washed your face, dab some coconut oil on the lashes and eyebrow hair. This should go a long way in re-growing them.

Pluck the Eyebrows less

Tweezing, waxing, threading and any other eyebrow hair removal methods could lead to your eyebrows falling off permanently. It could also cause ingrown eyebrow hair. Slow down on the plucking immediately you notice their falling off.

Watch Out for Hormonal Imbalances

Hormonal imbalances are one cause of loss of hair. This is why it is common for women to loss hair after a change of contraceptives, in pregnancy and menopause. In case you suspect that the cause of hair loss is hormonal imbalances, talk to your doctor on hormonal treatment.

Stress Management

Stress causes the body to shut down the process of hair growth. While the effects may not be felt immediately, it is possible for them to manifest later. To avoid this engage in stress relieving activities. These could be meditation or yoga. Maintaining a life work balance is encouraged as well.

Limit Eyebrow Makeup

The great options there are for eye makeup could also be detrimental to eyebrow hair growth. Avoid the dyes, tints, pencils and anything that would apply too much pressure on the brow area. Lay makeup off to give time for regrowth.

Eyebrows Falling Out Male

The loss of hair in men is usually caused by hormonal imbalances. Just like women, men experience a shift in hormones during andropause. This is the male equivalent of menopause. Hormonal production in the body facilitates most functions in the boy. As such, when there is fluctuating levels of testerone, it is possible to experience eyebrows falling in males. This is in the same way that it could cause balding.

Another cause for male eyebrows falling off could be stress.  Additionally, medication, nutritional deficiencies, thyroid imbalance could result in loss of eyebrows. Treatment for this requires various test to settle on the cause so it can be eliminated.

My Eyebrows Are Falling Out Will They Grow Back

My eyebrows are falling out. Will they grow back? This is a common concern among our online audience. In most cases, lash and eyebrows hair falling out can be made to stop and interventions made to stimulate growth.

The first step is to identify what the cause is and stop it. For example, if plucking leads to your eyebrows falling out easily, you will need to stop that. Applying natural stimulants such as castor oil could help. There also are some clinically approved creams and ointments that can help in reinstating the growth cycle.

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