Swollen Eyebrow from Thyroid Problems, Piercing, Ingrown Hair, Botox, and Lumps

Swelling in the body is referred to as edema. This can occur in any part of the body. When one has a swollen eyebrow, there is no way of concealing. The appearance of the face gets distorted and the feeling of the swelling can be both painful and uncomfortable. To help eliminate the protrusion, it is important to know what the causes of the swelling are. 

Swollen Eyebrow Causes

To effectively get rid of a swollen eyebrow, it is important to investigate what the causes might be. They are discussed in this post together with the appropriate treatment.

1.      Allergies

The eye area tends to be quite vulnerable to allergens. It is therefore common for eyes to suffer swellings around the eyebrow. In addition, the area will itch, redden and eyes will be seen watering. Also accompanying swollen eyebrow allergic reactions is sinus inflammation.
The reaction could result from skin care product usage such as a new eye pencil or eyeshadow. Allergic reactions are best dealt with by taking antihistamines and eliminating allergens. As such, you will need to find out, through elimination, what could be resulting in the reaction.

2.      Infection

Infections on or around the eyes may be caused by a virus or bacteria. This can affect both or one eye. Infections will show up in the form of swelling and drainage at times. Eyebrow swelling as a result of infections may be caused by ingrown eyebrow hair or an infected eyebrow piercing.

To avoid a spreading of the infection and facilitate fast healing, stay away from things that might make it worse. This may call for you to refrain from using eye makeup, minimize hair removal and handling of piercings.  Clean the area regularly and wait for the infection to clear up.

In case there is no progress and the infection persists, forms elevated plaques or patches and remains red, see your doctor. This is necessitated by the fact that long term eyebrow infection could cause loss of eyebrows as well as scarring.

3.      Threading, Waxing, Plucking Eyebrow Shaping Procedures

Threading, waxing and plucking the eyebrow area in a bid to attain a desired shape can all lead to a swollen eyebrow. This could be caused by the procedures causing harm, an accidental bruise or cut as well as use of inefficient tools or inaccurate procedures could lead to ingrown eyebrow hair. To give room for the swelling to subside, hold back on the shaping.

4.      Sinusitis

Sinuses are made up of the frontal which is the areas above the eyes, within the cheekbones, behind the nose bridge and behind the eyes. When there is an inflammation of sinuses, it leads to air and mucous being trapped in the cavity as well as swelling. This could see the eyebrow area swelling especially in between and above the eyes.

5.      Cyst

Cysts are fluid filled bumps lying underneath. Epidermoid cysts originate from the epidermis while pillar cysts originate from hair follicles. Sebaceous cysts originate form sebaceous glands and contain sebum. It is likely for pillar cysts to form on the eyebrow causing a swelling in the form of a bump or lump.

6.      Swollen Eyebrow after Hit or Fall

A hard hit on the eyebrow will cause swelling. This kind is especially common in kids since they tend to bump into stuff more often. Bumping into someone, getting hit by a golf ball, a hit during contact sports are just some of the few instances in which the eyebrows and surround areas can suffer trauma leading to swelling. In the same way, any kind of fall can cause swelling.

7.      Swollen Eyebrow Pimple

Well, it might not have struck you yet but it is possible that the swelling you are concerned about is an eyebrow pimple. The usage of heavy eye makeup can contribute to breakouts. Hair products also have the potential to drip and get contact with not only the forehead but eyebrow area too leading to acne breakouts. Eyebrow pimples can be eliminated by getting rid of any beauty products that may be causing the breakouts and application of acne medication.

8.      Swollen Eyebrow Piercing

The eyebrow is a common surface for piercings. Irrespective of the choice on the type, eyebrow piercings just like any other piercings come with risks and side effects. One of the most common issue is swelling.

This may result from the pressure exerted on the area in which case it should be gone soon after the procedure is carried out. In other situations, the swelling may result from infections. The eyebrow swelling will therefore be experienced days after the procedure. To clear this up proper after care is necessary. Eyebrow piercing migration and rejection are other reasons why your piercing may swell.

Ingrown Hair Eyebrow Swollen Eyelid

Ingrown hair may result from excessive or inappropriate eyebrow hair removal. One of the early signs of an ingrown eyebrow hair is swelling. This occurs as a reaction of the body to the irritating hair strand trapped within the skin. In case the swelling becomes infected or inflamed, a pustule could result. In severe cases where this raptures it could cause an open wound.

Swollen Eyebrow Bone Lump

When the eyebrow bone is swollen, you can feel a lump on it. The reason why the swelling may occur are different. Among some of these are:

At times, there is development of a new piece of bone. When a bone develops on another bone within the skull, it is referred to as an osteoma. The swelling as the bone develops is usually painful.

Another reason why there may be swelling on eyebrow bone is formation of tumors. These could be benign or cancerous and only recommended tests can provide the details. In case you suspect a swollen eyebrow bone, talk to your doctor immediately, for further direction.

Swollen Eyebrow and Eyelid, Headache after Botox

Once you have had botox injections, there are a number of side effects to bear. The area around the eyes; the eyelids, brow area and under the eyes may feel and look heavy and swollen. This could be due to the interference the muscles and whole face experience. These may also be accompanied by a headache. They side effects should clear up with time. In case you are concerned about the same, you can consult your surgeon.

Swollen Eyebrows Thyroid        

The thyroid is a gland located at the base of the neck. It helps to regulate thyroid hormone which is important in regulating metabolism within the body. When there is a malfunction in the thyroid, there is either over or under production of the hormone. Thyroid eye disease occurs with people suffering hyperthyroidism. The autoimmune system attacks tissues leading to swelling of the tissues surrounding the eyes; the eyebrows included.

Forehead Swollen above Eyebrow

When there are swellings on above eyebrows on the forehead, the reason could be any exposure to sunlight in addition to those discussed above. When your skin gets too sunburnt, it results in inflammation. This could see the area develop rashes, blister and swelling. Treatment for this should involve aiding the skin in regenerating skin cells. This can be done using home remedies as well as commercial ointments.

Swollen Eyebrow Treatment

The treatment for a swollen eyebrow depends on what the cause is. Once the source of the problem is addressed, it helps to in getting rid of it in the long term. To offer immediate relief and ease the discomfort associated with any swelling, here are some treatments you can try.
    • Take some pain relief medication in case the swelling is painful especially where it is as a result of injury.
    • To ease inflammation, apply anti-inflammatory ointments.
    • Apply cool compresses. These will number the area and reduce swelling.
      Remember to seek medical attention whenever uncertain about the cause of eyebrow swelling.

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