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My Dog Has Dry Flaky Skin and Scabs

Once in a while, my dog will have dry flaky skin and scabs. If these are not well taken care off, a pet’s health may deteriorate quite fast. It is, therefore, vital to take action immediately you notice a problem. To see changes on the skin of your dog, regularly groom them. This way you get to save your pooch the agony of severe dryness, flaking and scabbing. We get into the causes and remedies in the post

Why You Woke Up with Swollen Eyelids with no Pain

Did you wake up with wake up with puffy eyelids? Quite a number of people complain that they woke up with swollen eyelid. The tissues surrounding the yes are loose and quite vulnerable. The eye areas are also vulnerable to water retention as one sleeps. Both grownups and toddlers are not spared by some of these causes such as mosquito bites. We explore the various causes for swollen eyelids that come without pain, why you may be waking up with the swelling every day as well as why your eyes could swell shut. Once these are exhausted, we offer you some suggestions on how to manage the swelling and pointers on when you should seek medical help.