Why You Woke Up with Swollen Eyelids with no Pain

Did you wake up with wake up with puffy eyelids? Quite a number of people complain that they woke up with swollen eyelid. The tissues surrounding the yes are loose and quite vulnerable. The eye areas are also vulnerable to water retention as one sleeps. Both grownups and toddlers are not spared by some of these causes such as mosquito bites. We explore the various causes for swollen eyelids that come without pain, why you may be waking up with the swelling every day as well as why your eyes could swell shut. Once these are exhausted, we offer you some suggestions on how to manage the swelling and pointers on when you should seek medical help.

Reasons You May Have Woken Up With A Swollen Eyelid

Discussed herein are quite a number of reasons why you woke up with a swollen eyelid and other likely symptoms.

Fluid Retention

When the body is at rest, it is possible for fluids to collect around the eyes. This could be the reason you woke up with swollen eyelids. To prevent this, you could sleep on a pillow. By elevating your head, the chances of retaining water due to the force of gravity


Dehydration sends signals to the body to start storing up fluids. This way water is retained in various parts of the body the eyes included. This can be averted by taking enough water throughout the day to prevent your eyes from swelling shut in the night.

Alcohol Consumption

It is possible to wake up with swollen eyelids after a rendezvous night is quite possible. This could be caused by the fact that alcohol consumption interferes with production of the hormone responsible for water absorption. The water that is not effectively absorbed into the body then accumulates around the eyes giving you that hungover look when you wake up. As the alcohol is eliminated from the body, normal body function is restored and the swelling is eliminated.

Periorbital Cellulitis

This refers to an inflammation and infection of the portions around the eyes and the eyelid. It is a common infection and is characterized by swelling, pain and redness of the eyes. It could be caused by fungi, bacteria or viruses and is also known to spread from insect bites or infected wounds that are close to the eyes.

Excessive Consumption of Salt

Salt contains sodium. When too much of it is consumed, the sodium causes retention of fluids. In case you take too much salt at dinner, you are likely to experience swollen eyelids when you wake up. This can be stopped by controlling the amount of salt consumed before going to bed.


Allergic reactions affecting the eyelids may be as a result of contact allergens or allergic reactions to cosmetic products. Makeup used for a night out may not react immediately but its irritation may manifest through the night only for you to wake up with swollen eyelids.


There are different forms of this condition which is also referred to as pin eye. Allergic conjunctivitis may be caused by pet dander, pollen or dust. Others are viral and bacterial conjunctivitis. In addition to the swelling, the eyes will also give a yellow discharge which could see the eyes swollen shut.

Toddler Woke Up With Swollen Eyelid - Child Woke Up With Swollen Eye

Toddlers and children may tend to be spontaneous. They easily get themselves in harm’s way or inflict pain on themselves. Here are some reasons why your child or toddler woke up with swollen eyelids.

Rubbing of the Eyes

When a toddler’s eyes gets irritated for whichever reason, they are likely to rub the eyes in a bid to ease the irritation. While at it, the child will most probably touch the eye with dirty eyes. They could also bruise the eyelids leading to their swelling.

Contact Dermatitis

The skin of toddlers is sensitive and may react when in contact with some things. Some toddlers will experience contact dermatitis from certain fabrics, skin products as well as soaps. Try and evaluate what if you have introduced something new that could be affecting their skin negatively. Once identified, eliminate it to prevent recurrence.


A stye is a small red lump that forms at the base of a child’s eyelash. It is most common on the lower eyelid. When it forms, a stye could make the eyelid swollen and painful. The resulting irritation may also lead to the eyes watering. Formation of a stye could be the reason why your child or toddler woke up with a swollen eyelid.


Whether your child bumped their face into the railing of their crib or bed or if they accidentally scratched their eyelid a little bit too strongly, it is possible for them to wake up with swollen eyelids as a result of injury. This should be clearly visible upon scrutinizing the area around the eyes.

Insect Bites

While insects mostly bite children when they are outdoors during the door, it is possible for your toddler to suffer a mosquito bite during the night as they sleep. When this happens, your baby may wake up with the eyelid swollen at the point of bite.

Woke up with One Swollen Eyelid - Woke up with Swollen Upper Eyelid

While the causes of waking up with a swollen eyelid are quite a number, their effects may vary and observing the pattern can help in identifying what the cause is. One swollen eyelid could be an indication that the problem is localized and only affects that specific part. The cause is most likely to be an external stimuli. Some of the reasons you woke up with one swollen eyelid may include:
  • An insect bite
  • Bruising from rubbing the eye
  • Injury
  • Sty

Woke Up with Swollen Eyelid No Pain

Different eye problems exhibit different symptoms. When an eyelid is swollen with no pain, it is possible for the cause to be allergic reactions. When this occurs, there rarely will be pain. All there is is swelling on the irritated area.

Wake Up With Swollen Eyelids Every Morning

When it becomes a habit for you to wake up with swollen eyelids every morning, it is possible you are suffering puffy eyes syndrome. This may be precipitated by intake of too much sodium before sleeping leading to water retention. Other reasons why you may experience eyelid swelling when you wake up include:
  • Skin disorders
  • A dysfunctional tear gland
  • Constant presence of allergens in your sleeping area
  • Eye infections
  • Contact lenses
  • Nephritic syndrome

When to See a Doctor if You Woke up with Swollen Eyelid

  • Where the swelling is accompanied by a fever
  • When both eyes are swollen shut
  • In case a child or toddler woke up with a swollen eyelid and appears lethargic and generally sick.
  • You are not certain what is causing the swelling
  • In case the swelling is accompanied by excess pain

What to do when you Wake Up with a Swollen Eyelid

You don’t have to spend the whole day feeling and looking miserable after you wake up with a swollen eyelid. Here are a number of suggestions on managing the situation.
  1. Apply ice packs on the eye every 30 minutes until the swelling goes down. The numbness will rid you the pain. The coldness will constrict blood vessels and facilitate the swelling to go down.
  2. In case the cause is allergic, take antihistamines to help with the swelling and associated itching. Benadryl is a great option.
  3. Use eye drops in case after applying the cold packs your vision.
  4. Keep your hands off your eyes as rubbing them too much could make the eyelids swell.


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