Birthmark in Eye and on Eyeball Meaning

I have a birthmark in my eye. What does it mean? A birthmark in eye as well as on or under the eye is no threat to your visual ability. A birthmark in eye is simple a deposit of excess melanin. Find out what to make out of these marks as well as those found on the eyelids and in between eyebrows.

Can You Get a Birthmark in Your Eye

Birthmarks around the eyes such as on the eyelid skin or between the eyebrow stretching over to the forehead are quite common. The definition of a birthmark according to is that a birthmark is “A persistent visible mark on the skin that is evident at birth or shortly thereafter.” This insinuates that they can only be found on the skin. As such, can you really get a birthmark in your eye?
Although not quite common, birthmarks in eyes do occur. Birthmarks inside eye occur at birth or soon after birth. The Caucasian race has the highest number of birthmarks in eye. In medical terms, an inside the eye birthmark is referred to as a nevus. 

As birthmarks on the skin present no danger, those in eyes are not a representation of an abnormality in the eyes. They are not dangerous and some people will live with them without knowing about their presence.

Birthmark in Eye

The medical term for a birthmark is a nevus. Like noted above, these can occur inside the eye. In most cases, they are seen in the layer found beneath the retina and which is referred to as the choroid in which case they are referred to as choroidal nevi. Birthmarks inside the eye are at times hard to see and may only be identified by an eye specialist. 

Birthmark in eye

Most of these are non-problematic and remain benign. According to Web Md, only about one in five thousand nevi grows into a melanoma. They also do not give any visual problems symptoms. They therefore will require no treatment. Your optician may propose annual checkups to monitor them.

Birthmark n Eye Meaning 

A birthmark in eye is seen as a pigmented part within the eye structure. It mostly occurs in the front part of the eye, under the retina, on the iris and at the back. Birthmark on eyeball could also occur. The difference between these marks and others is that most occur on the skin while these are found inside the eyes. 

A birthmark in the eye occurs when there is a concentration of melanin on one part of the eye. Normally, the pigment producing cells known as melanocytes are distributed evenly within the body. When they produce melanin, it is evenly distributed. In some situations though, the pigment could fail to distribute and concentrate on a specific area. This is when birthmarks occur.

Birthmark under Eye Meaning or in Eye Spiritual Meaning

When it comes to definitions outside the medical field, birthmarks on eyes and other parts of the body bear different interpretation and significance.

For example, some communities believe that a strawberry birthmark under eye means the mum ate too many strawberries when pregnant. When it comes to birthmark in eye spiritual meaning, there are people that believe any birthmark occurs as a result of trauma inflicted on them in their previous lives. 

Others will take birthmarks around the eyes as either a good or bad omen depending on the side on which it forms. A person with a birthmark in between the eyebrows and on the forehead is believed to be attractive as a result of which they will enjoy many relationships.

Birthmark on Eyeball

The eyeball is the spheroidal structure within the eye and is made up of important structures. The iris and the lens are among them. In addition to the structures, there also are fluids responsible for maintaining the shape. A birthmark on the eyeball could occur on any of the parts making up the eyeball. One of these is the iris which is vulnerable to an eye birthmark referred to as sectoral heterochromia.

Sectoral Heterochromia Birthmark

Heterochromia refers to a condition in which there is a different coloration in the iris. This is usually caused by either the presence of excess melanin or its absence. Full heterochromia is what may result in a person having one blue eye and the other being green. 

When it comes to having a sectoral heterochromia birthmark on the eyeball, two parts of the same iris structure take different coloration. 

In babies, eye color only becomes evident a few weeks after birth. Where they are born with an eye having a difference in the concentration of melanin, some parts of the iris becomes darker or lighter depending on how much melanin is deposited on them. This imbalance in distribution of melanin within the iris is what results in a sectoral heterochromia birthmark. This type of birthmark in eye is usually inherited and does not signal illness. 

However, sectoral heterochromia can develop as a condition resulting from eye injury. In such cases, it is referred as acquired sectoral heterochromia. Having the eyes checked out by an optician is necessary in such causes to ensure that any complications do not arise.

Birthmark on Eyelid , in between Eyebrows or Near Eye

When birthmarks occur on the skin, they take different shapes and hues. They are therefore classified according to their characteristics. Birthmarks on eyelids, in between eyebrows, around the eyes, near and even behind them are not alien.

A common birthmark on eye is the angel bite. This is usually a flat red skin patch with rough edges. It is most common on the eyelids and could affect one or both as well as in between the eyebrows. Depending on its size, it could extend to the forehead from in between the brows. With time, some of these will go away within the first year of life. 

A birthmark in eye, whether found inside, around, or behind the eye, cannot be diagnosed before the birth of a child. Like indicated earlier, some will even form soon after birth. There is therefore nothing a mother can do about them. In most cases they are harmless and may only be a cause of cosmetic concern. Some may however require constant monitoring.

Birthmark on White of the Eye

A birthmark on the white part of the eye, which is also referred to as the sclera, can be quite visible. This may appear as some grey, brown, bluish, brown or dark spots or freckles visible right from one is a toddler. 

These discolorations occur due to excess pigmentation being deposited in one part of the eye. As long as there is no associated visual problem, no intervention is necessary other than the regular yearly monitoring by your veterinarian.

Birthmark under the Eye

The area beneath the eyes, just like other parts with skin, are not spared from birthmarks. The most common types of birthmarks under the eyes are port wine and strawberry marks. Port wine stains tend to be big and could disfigure individuals having them while strawberry birthmarks under the eye take the texture of a strawberry.

In case they grow too big, there is a likelihood of them affecting vision. In such a case, birthmark removal may be recommended. This can be done through laser treatment sessions or surgical removal.

In case you have a birthmark in eye, do not feel worried as long as you attend your annual monitoring if it has been recommended by your optician. You are not the only one with themand celebrities such as Daniela Ruah have them.


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