Bubbles in Nail Polish Causes and Prevention when Dried Up

Both gurus and novices are bound to experience mishaps during the application process. These may include smudges and bubbles in nail polish during their careers. These imperfections, though minor, take time to fix. Bubbles are worse since they may not be noticeable until the polish has dried up. Find out why bubbles in nail polish form as well as how to stop and prevent them.

Bubbles in Nail Polish

It is common knowledge that nail polish application is for the purposes of enhancing our beauty and appearance. Well-polished nails are a fashion statement and also send a message that we pay close attention to self-grooming. This, though, ceases to be the case where the polish is not smooth or where it overstays and starts chipping. One of the things that can send a negative message and make people have a wrong first impression is the presence of bubbles in nail polish. They not only make the whole application process pointless but also make you conscious about their appearance. Below we find out the causes of nail polish bubbles.

Air Bubbles in Nail Polish Causes

What causes air bubbles in nail polish, gel polish or on top coat? Bubbles in nail polish form when air gets trapped in the polish during the application process and rises to the surface while drying. This can be promoted by a few misdoings before, during and even after application process as seen in this section.

Shaking Polish Bottle

Vigorous shaking of the nail polish bottle before application could lead to air being trapped within the polish. This air is then transferred to the nails during application and rises up as it dries. While it is important to ensure that the polish is consistent and well-connected before starting the application procedure, this doesn’t have to be achieved by wild shaking. Instead, achieve the same by rolling the bottle back and forth on a flat surface or on your hands albeit subtly. This will help serve the purpose without trapping any air.

Warm Temperature

When the temperature is too high like during the summer, it warms up nail polish making it too thick. This is made worse by doing your nails outdoor as there is no conditioning. As a result, the direct sunlight and warmth lead to evaporation of solvents which in turn causes the polish to thicken and bubble upon application. To avoid this, ensure your nail polish is stored at room temperature. Also carry out the application procedure inside to avoid bubbles in nail polish.

Presence of Residues on the Nails

Oil or alcohol residues on the nails could react with the nail polish to form bubbles. In addition, nails have been cleaned with disinfectant or polish remover could leave residues on the nails. Other products that could have a similar effect include skin cells on the nail bed, nail oil and hand creams. 

This can be avoided by cleaning the nails thoroughly to eliminate any residues. After using polish remover, clean the hands with soapy water and us a towel to dry them. Only proceed with application once the hands are well dried up as wetness could also lead to bubbles in nails. If there is need for a hand cream, let it be used once the polish has dried up.

Inappropriate Application Procedure

The way nail polished is used could also be a contributing factor to formation of bubbles in nail polish. It is important to ensure that before applying another layer, the previous one has dried up.in addition, using too much for each layer could result in the same. Ensure that every layer applied is thin enough to enhance fast drying as well as avoid bubbling.

Additionally, avoid shaking or blowing your hands after application in a bid to hasten the drying process. This will blow air into the nails and cause bubbling.

Thick Polish

When the nail polish is too thick, it becomes difficult to control how much is applied. It also becomes easy for air to be trapped during the application process.

How to Prevent Bubbles in Nail Polish when Dried

In most cases, there are no ways on how to fix air bubbles in nail polish. The only way to deal with the unpolished look is to take the polish down and reapply. Now that we have had a look at their causes, here are some tips I use to prevent bubbles in my nail polish.
  1. To stop bubble in nail polish from forming, do your nails in a cool and dry place. Avoid the outdoors, direct impact of wind as well as strong air conditioners. While having your nails done on the beach as you relax or on the balcony may appear like good ideas, they predispose your nails to unfavorable elements that could result in bubbles in nail polish.
  2. Whether you are using the polish, top or bottom coat, avoid shaking the bottle. Instead, roll them on a flat surface or on your hand to prevent formation of bubbles.
  3. Thick nail polish has great chances of bubbling during application. To deal with this, avoid adding acetone or polish remover as these only worsen the problem. If you must use the polish, add some polish thinner or else, throw away the polish especially if it is old.
  4. Ensure that the polish bottle remains covered all through by replacing the lid as soon as may be possible. Exposing the polish to the air not only thickens it but also results to the trapping of air which ends up forming endless invisible bubbles which only surface after the polish has dried up.
  5. During the application process, do not deep in the brush too abruptly. Instead, lower the brush slowly and accurately. This, as opposed to whipping off the polish, will ensure no air is trapped. Additionally, keep the polish brush on the nail while applying. Use the one long stroke technique as opposed to quick short strokes as the latter is bound to push air into the polish. Ensure you pick enough polish to cover the whole nail but not one that will yield thick coats.
With the above tips, you are bound to avoid bubbles in nail polish. Take your time and do it the right way with one application as opposed to hurrying through the process and having to remove the polish because of bubbling.


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