Bumps on Inner Thighs from Rubbing Treatment and Prevention

Bumps, rashes, hives or even lumps on inner thighs are always a disaster. They are uncomfortable, painful and make walking hard. Below we look at how to treat and prevent bumps on inner thighs from rubbing together

Bumps on Inner Thighs from Rubbing Together

Bumps on inner thighs from rubbing together may also be referred to as thigh chafing or chub rub. These bumps occur as a result of the inner thighs consistently rubbing together resulting in skin irritation. It is most common in the summer months when sweating increases friction making the irritation worse.
While some people will only experience a little discomfort, others will get rashes and bumps on inner thighs from rubbing together. Where these bumps go ahead to break, the skin is left raw and becomes quite painful. 

Certain factors make people prone to rubbing their inner thighs hence the bumps. These include:
Inappropriate clothing. This could be clothes that are either too loose or too tight.
  • Long distance cycling or running
  • Wearing clothes made from fabrics that do not wick moisture away
  • Individuals with sensitive skin
  • Repetitive movements
  • Presence of excessive moisture on inner thighs
  • Hot weather
  • Having salt or sand residue on the skin from ocean water
  • Being overweight

How to Treat Bumps on Inner Thighs from Rubbing Together

To relief symptoms that accompany bumps resulting from friction between the thighs, follow the following procedure.

1. Clean the Bumps on Inner Thighs

If you experience bumps on inner thighs from rubbing together, you need to take care of the skin to facilitate fast healing as well as prevent the chafing from getting worse. Since soap is likely to be irritating, settle for a mild cleanser brand that is free from fragrance and harsh chemicals. 

Carefully wash the area and dry it thoroughly. Ensure you are gentle as rough rubbing could cause the bumps to break resulting in soreness and irritation. Once you are done apply some baby powder on the area to keep it dry.

2. Disinfect

Once you are certain that the chafed area is clean, embark on disinfecting it to avoid infections. You may use Polysporin or an antibacterial ointment. These will aid in soothing the area as well as killing infection causing microorganisms.

3. Soothe Inner Thighs with Aloe Vera

The bumps on inner thigh that form a result of rubbing together can be irritating. Aloe vera gel will help to soothe the skin and relieve the pain. It will also calm irritation and get rid of associated red rash thus reduce the general discomfort.

4. Use a Barrier to Prevent Thigh Rubbing

Once you attain red bumps on inner thighs from the skin rubbing together, even some slight walking can be uncomfortable. To protect the skin and allow for time to heal the bumps on thighs, cover up the affected skin with plasters. This way further rubbing is avoided until the skin heals. 

In addition, you can try to keep your legs apart to prevent them from rubbing against each other. This will leave room for the skin to heal. 

In case the bumps on inner thighs resulting from rubbing are red and raw, you need to treat them with great care as these are just like an open wound. Mishandling it could lead to infections and further agony.

How to Prevent Bumps on Inner Thighs from Rubbing Together

While bumps on inner thighs from rubbing together can easily be avoided by not taking part in activities leading to them, this may not be a viable option in all situations. As such, it is important to create a line of defense between the thighs and prevent their rubbing as well as reduce the effects of friction. 

To prevent your inner thighs from developing bumps every time they rub together, there are a few interventions you can put into place.

1.Keep Inner Thighs Dry

When it is very hot or during exercise, there is excess sweating which increases friction. This may result in painful bumps forming in between the thighs. Keeping the area dry can minimize the chances of hurting. You can keep a tub of baby powder close to you and keep sprinkling on your inner thighs on the go. This will help in absorbing moisture.

2. Lubricate

Lubricating your skin will help protect you from bumps on inner thighs from rubbing. This is because lubrication reduces friction and enhances easy gliding of thighs past each other. Rubbing petroleum jelly on the inside skin will protect against chafing during moments of extensive movement may it be walking or exercising.

3. Wear Appropriate Clothing

Like indicated above, the reason why bumps on inner thighs from rubbing together form is because of the heightened friction. It is therefore possible to prevent the same by reducing friction. This can be achieved by wearing appropriate clothes. When exercising, ensure you don the appropriate gear. 

Moisture wicking fabrics with smooth seams are a perfect choice. If you are wearing a dress or a skirt, pair it up with cycling shorts to reduce friction.
In addition settle for breathable cotton clothing and cotton pajamas instead of nightgowns.

4. Protect your Skin

While good after care is important, it is also a good idea to allow the inner thigh skin some rest before engaging in activities that cause friction. This will allow the skin time to heal and prevent the bumps from getting worse.

5. Hydrate

Skin that is dry becomes more prone to breaking and will therefore worsen if you get bumps on inner things from the rubbing. Ensure that you drink enough water though out the day to prevent this. If you are a sports person, you can opt for isotonic water to help you replace the salt that are lost in excessive sweating.

6. Wear Dry Clothes

To avoid formation of bump on inner thighs as a result of their rubbing together, it is important that you wear clothes that are completely dry. If they get wet for whatever reason, may it be getting rained on or sweating, be certain to change immediately to protect the skin on your inner thighs.

7. Shed Weight

Inner thigh fat and being generally overweight are some of the reasons for excessive rubbing of inner thighs. As long as the weight is there, no amount of treatment will get rid of the problem in the long term. You will be bound to experience bumps on your inner thighs after engaging in activities that involve moving. To fight chafing, make effort to lose weight and keep fit.

8. Deodorant

Rolling deodorant on your inner thighs in the morning to protect your skin from chafing bumps on inner thighs. It will act as an antiperspirant too and prevent friction Amy Schumer confessed to using this great remedy to fight the chafe at the Met Gala. 

It is important though that this is used sparingly so as not to have a drying effect on the skin. Only use this remedy if the skin is not broken and there is no inflammation or irritation yet.

9. Bandelettes

These are designed to stop inner thighs from rubbing together. With them on, there is no skin to skin contact. They have been designed to protect the skin from chafing. Made of silicone, these non-slip accessories are not only cute enough to wear with your skirt but also offer the much needed protection. 

Where the bumps on inner thighs from rubbing keep recurring, you may need to see a professional for direction on how best to treat and prevent them. Do not hesitate to if need be.



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