How to Get Rid of a Bruised Lip from Kissing and Juvederm

Bruises on the face are never fun. Having a bruise on the lips is likely to get you a number of funny looks. Where the bruise is obtained from kissing and making out, it can leave you with such a guilty conscience as well as leave you at your wits end explaining the cause. In such cases, all you want is to eliminate the bruise and save yourself from the funny looks and endless questions. In most cases, bruises require no medical attention. Left on their own, they will clear between seven to fourteen days. This duration can, however, be shortened by boosting quick healing. We discuss the details of these and much more below.

Bruised Lips

A bruise occurs when the skin is subjected to force resulting in injury. The injury is usually strong enough to cause damage to blood capillaries but not enough to break the skin. As a result, the resulting bleeding occurs in the skin tissues. A number of causes can see this happen and are as discussed below.

Bruised Lips Causes


Bruised lips are as a result of internal bleeding caused by a force that is enough to cause internal bleeding but not strong enough to break through the skin. It occurs when compression forces break capillaries leading to them bleeding into internal skin tissue. Some of the reasons why this may occur include

Blunt Trauma

Blunt forces may strike you on the lips during various events. This includes being hit by a toy being thrown by a kid, a stick, an item falling from its storage or even someone banging you with the door as you stand by.


Bruised lips may be as a result of injuries. These could occur as a result of bites, falling or bumping into things. As a result of the injury, the lip gets bruised. This could be followed by inflammation and swelling of the lip as well.


Anticoagulant medication cause blood thinning which makes it easy to bruise. Corticosteroids thin the skin and will result on the skin’s susceptibility to injuries.

Bruised Lip Piercing

While bruising is common in a fresh piercing, it also possible for an already healed lip piercing to suffer a bruise. This could occur from trauma exerted on the area by the jewelry, a mishap during removal or wearing of the same as well as putting on the wrong size. To avoid bruising, be gentle on the piercing, choose your jewelry well and whenever you suspect an infected lip piercing, see your piercer or general practitioner for treatment.

Bruised Lips from Kissing

Also referred to as a lip hickey, bruised lips from kissing or making out are injuries attained during intimacy. They may be intended as a way of territorial marking or unintended. 

Lip bruises resulting from kissing can leaving you looking like you got into a fight. Their location is also quite obvious and will result in a lot of questions which can be a bit embarrassing. 

There are two ways through which you can get bruised lips from kissing. These are vigorous sucking or playful biting that goes overboard. As a result, the force applied breaks capillaries but is not strong enough to break the skin. This results in the blood vessels bleeding into the internal tissues.

The various ways on how to get rid of bruise attained in other ways can also be used on lip hickeys. In addition, applying lipstick on the bruised lip can help conceal the mark. Using a scarf around the mouth could also help hide the bruise and avoid too many questions.

Bruised Lips after Juvederm

Juvederm is an injectable gel filler used for cosmetic purposes. It mostly used to correct folds and facial wrinkles. Although not indicated for use on lips, some surgeons do use it for lip augmentation to add volume and definition.

Some of the side effects attributed to Juvederm injections on the lips are bruising, swelling, tenderness, discoloration and itching. 

With these in mind, how long does it take to heal bruised lip after Juvederm. According to Tina S.  Alster, a Washington Dermatologic Surgeon, the recovery time is dependent on an individual’s tendency to bruise as opposed to the injection. However, the bruising is bound to decrease within a couple of days to a week.

After undergoing the treatment, it is important to follow aftercare instructions to avoid worsening of the side effects. Avoid heat exposure, alcoholic beverages as well as strenuous exercise. Also ensure that the treatment is done by a qualified and experienced practitioner to reduce the chances of bruising and other side effects. Use home remedies discussed below to reduce the after bruising.

Bruised Lip for No Reason

Although it may at times look like you have a bruised lip for no reason, There probably is one which might not be obvious. Like indicated earlier, some medication make one prone to bruising. As a result, even the slightest trauma could result in a bruise.

If, however, you seem to be getting a bruised lip spontaneously one too many times, it is best to see a doctor immediately as you could be having a serious health problem. They will diagnose and advise on how best to handle the unexplained bruises.

How Long Do Bruised Lips Take To Heal

According to Doctors Health Press, how long a bruise lasts depends on the extent of trauma exerted and how much damage was done. The healing duration tends to vary from one person to another with the elderly taking longer to heal compared to younger persons. 

While this is the case, a bruised lip will go through the same stages. The initial stage is where blood from broken capillaries pools inside skin tissues resulting in discoloration. This takes purplish or bluish color. This is followed by the color turning green or yellow as the healing progresses after which the bruise clears. Generally, these stages can last anywhere between two to four weeks after which the bruise will disappear. Lip bruises are known to take about seven to ten days to clear up.

Worth noting is that some bruises are classified as long lasting. These remain visible after four weeks and may also be painful. In such cases, it is important to see a doctor as there is a likelihood that the bruised lip is not healing within the expected time due to an underlying health condition such as diabetes or hemophilia.

How to Get Rid Of A Bruised Lip Fast - Bruised Lips Treatment

Like indicated above, it is possible for a bruised lip to heal on its own. However, a few interventions can help quicken the healing process and restore the natural appearance of your lips. These are discussed below.

1.     Keep Your Head Elevated

Elevating the head and thus the lips above the heart aids in discouraging flow of blood to the area. This reduces the extent of swelling that usually accompanies lip bruises. It also helps to reduce staining as less blood is flowing to the area. This is most effective to practice as soon as the bruise is acquired.

2.     Ice Packs or Cold Packs to get Rid of Lip Bruise

This is too is to be done as soon as the bruise is acquired. The treatment can be done with the head elevated. It will help in numbing the area and thus prevent pain. In addition, it will constrict the blood vessels thus prevent more blood from pooling on the lip. Apply ice cubes wrapped in a face towel or use a cold compress on the injured lip. This will aid in getting rid of the bruised lip fast.

3.     Warm Compress

After a day of treating the area with cold compresses, it is time to switch to warm compresses. They will help to dilate the blood vessels and thus enhance removal of pooled blood which in return facilitates quick healing.

4.     Massage the Bruised Lip

Whether the bruise is on the upper or lower lip, massaging it will do great in getting rid of it. Use your thumb to gently rub on the edges of the bruise. Lave out the middle part of the injury and avoid exerting too much force. This will help to clear up the pooled blood.

5.     Expose Bruise to Sunlight

Exposing the bruised lip to sunlight for about 15 minutes helps to break down the components making it up. UV radiations are known to break down bilirubin which is what causes a bruised area to adopt a yellowish appearance. This way the healing process is quickened.

Home Remedies for Bruised Lip

In addition to the above, ways on how to get rid of a bruised lip, below are some home remedies that can promote fast healing of injured area.

Witch Hazel

This remedy has been used for years to cure skin problems. It has astringent properties that are crucial in slowing down leakage of blood from the blood vessels. Additionally, it stimulates the drainage of lymphatic fluid from the bruised area thus hastening the healing process.

Dip a cotton ball in witch hazel solution and apply it on the bruised lip for about two minutes. The procedure can be repeated up to three times a day.

Vitamin K

This remedy is known to be effective in treating blood clots and other forms of tissue damage. You can achieve its benefits by consuming food rich in vitamin K such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts and other leafy green vegetables. Vitamin K is also available in form of a cream. This can be used for topical treatment of the bruise to facilitate quick healing.


This has been used for long to treat various skin problems. It is known for its medicinal and therapeutic. In addition, it will act as an antibacterial agent. Curcumin helps in promoting healing and eliminate soreness. Make a thick turmeric paste and warm it up. Apply it on the bruise and wait for it to dry ups before rinsing is off.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Applying some vinegar on a bruised lip can help in hastening healing. It clears up bruise marks on the lips by exfoliating it. Dilute vinegar with an equal amount of water and use a wash cloth to apply the solution on your lip. Use your fingers to massage it in and allow it to rest for about half an hour before rinsing it off.

Arnica Gel

Using arnica gel or balm on the bruised lip can help reduce its visibility and heal it within no time. Apply the remedy on the bruised lip twice daily until the discoloration clears up.



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