How to Get Rid of White Spots on Nails Fast and Overnight

Are you getting bothered by tiny spots on your nails? Worry no more as this posts explores, in details, various ways on how to get rid of white spots on nails fast, overnight and after nail polish through professional treatment by your doctor, using natural home remedies and at home self-care. 

How to Get Rid of White Spots on Nails

Before we get into learning how to get rid of white spots on nails, it is important to have an understanding of its causes and what to make out of the various appearances that the spots take. Find the details below.

White Spots on Nails

When there is white discoloration on the nails, it is referred to as leukonychia. The whiteness could be partial or complete. There are different classifications of this condition. Total leukonychia occurs when the entire nail plate becomes white. With partial leukonychia, there are three subtypes:
  • Punctate leukonychia is where there are tiny white spots on the nails
  • Longitudinal leukonychia is where there is a lengthwise occurrence of white nail
  • Transverse or striate leukonychia is where there is occurrence of one or more horizontal white bands across the entire nail and parallel to the lunula.
Depending on the classification and causes, the spots may appear as small period sized white dots, large individual dots or large white blotches across the nail. They may appear on individual or multiple nails.

Causes of White Spots on Nails

White marks, dots or spots on nails are quite common. They may be caused by a wide variety of occurrences including injury to the base of the nails or even allergic reactions to nail care products as seen below.


When there is injury on the matrix, it could result in a part or the whole of the nail plate getting damaged. As a result, there is interruption on development of horizontal layers of keratin and air trapping. This results in formation of white spots on nails.

Among injuries that could result in this include banging or knocking on the nail, nail biting or manicurists exerting excessive pressure on the nail matrix. White spots on toenails could be caused by wearing tight footwear.

Allergic Reaction to Cosmetic Products

If you notice white spots on nails after nail polish or using any other nail products, the cause is most probably an allergic reaction.

Drugs and Poisoning

The presence of white spots on nails may be as a result of heavy metal poisoning and chemotherapy. Sulphonamides which is a medication used for bacterial infection could also result in white spots in nails.

Systematic Illnesses

White nails have been associated with various illnesses including heart failure, liver cirrhosis, kidney disease, diabetes, hyperthyroidism and iron deficiency anemia.


Nail infection is yet another reason why there may be white spots on nails. This is mostly caused by chronic fungal infections on the nails. It is also possible for white spots on nails to be caused by inflammatory skin diseases such as hand eczema and nail psoriasis.  

How to Get Rid of White Spots on Nails

The choice on how to get rid of white spots on nails should be determined by the cause.

White Spots on Nails Medical Treatment

Where the cause is not trauma or an obvious infection, a diagnosis will be necessary to determine the cause. This may be determined through:
Mycology: This is a procedure in which nail clippings and fungi are taken and studied to determine appropriate treatment.

Biopsy: With this, some nail tissue is extracted and tested

Blood Tests: This is usually necessary where a systematic disease is suspected. 

Once the cause of the milk spots has been identified, treatment will be administered to help stop further formation of the white marks. 

In cases where the causes are injury related, there is not much you can do but wait for the nails to grow out. If you feel bothered by the dots, the most convenient way on how to get rid of the white spots on nails, would be by concealing them as discussed later. To prevent further occurrence, you will have to take good care of your nails at home as well as make use of natural home remedies discussed in the following sections.

How to get Rid of White Spots on Nails at Home

How do you get rid of white dots on your nails at home? It is possible to intervene and get rid of white spots at home as well as help prevent them from occurring again. Below is how.

1.Moisturize Daily

To help your nails stay strong and healthy, ensure that you take good care of them. Moisturizing is very important and should be done daily. Before ging to bed, rub a hand moisturizer on your nails. Alternatively, use vitamin E oil on the nails to reduce formation of white dots on nails.

2. Keep Hands Clean

This will go a long way in preventing white dots on nails that are as a result of nail bed infections. Wash your hands regularly and always carry a hand sanitizer with you.

3. Protect your Nails from Injury

It is important to take good care of your nails and treat them in a gentle manner. This is more so if yours are soft nails as these are more predisposed to injuries even with slight trauma. 

If you indulge in nail biting habit, try and quite. Also stay away from using nails to cut things or conduct tasks that subject them to unnecessary pressure.

4. Use a Professional Manicurist

While manicures give your nails a pleasant look, they could also be your source of agony. Inappropriate trimming as well as pushing the cuticles too hard could result in white spots on nails. In addition to having the dots on the nails, inexperienced persons may add to the problem where the end product of acrylic or matte nails end up with white spots. Make sure that whoever handles your nails is an experienced professional. This will help avoid white spots on nails emanating from the procedure.

5. Change Products to get Rid of White Spots on Nails from Nail Polish

Sometimes the cause of white marks on nails is reaction to nail care products. A person can develop sensitivity to new products as well as to products they have used previously without a problem. Where your nails tend to get spotty after using specific nail products, quit using them. 

You could change to other products or give your nails a break from regular applications. One sure way to get rid of white marks after removing nail polish is to stay away from it altogether. If not in the long run, at least for a while to give room for the nails’ recovery.

6. Consume a Healthy Diet

Though this is rarely a cause, zinc and calcium deficits could be the reason why you have white spots on your nails. It is therefore important to ensure that you keep your diet balanced to have enough of these minerals in your body.

How to Get Rid of White Spots on Nails Naturally Using Home Remedies

Are the white spots on your nails caused by infections? Well, if you are certain that the white spots emanate from an infection on the nail bed or skin surrounding it, you can use natural home remedies to treat them. Below is how to get rid of white spots on nails naturally using products readily available at home.

7. Coconut Oil to Get Rid of White Spots on Nails

Coconut oil is known for its restorative properties to the skin. It acts as an anti-fungal agent and will thus help eliminate white marks on nails that are as a result of infections. In addition it will obstruct dampness and thus discourage the growth of other infection causing microorganisms.
  • Use a cotton ball to apply a generous amount of coconut oil on the nails three times a day.

8. Garlic for White Spots Treatment on Nails

Garlic acts as an antiseptic and goes a long way in fighting nail fungus. You could cut a clove and rub it on the nails, leaving the juice to dry. Alternatively, crush a few cloves and use a band aid to secure hold the resulting paste on the nails for 20 minutes before washing it off.

9. Yogurt for White Dots on Nails Elimination

Yogurt has microorganisms that are quite effective in fighting microbes. It is effective in fighting white marks on the nails that are caused by yeast infections and nail fungus.
  • Soak your nails in yogurt for 20 minutes for your nails to derive the health benefits of this treatment.

10. Lemon Juice to Cure Nails White Marks

This is another great natural way on how to get rid of white spots on nails. Once applied on the nails, lemon juice aids in blocking off infection causing microorganisms.
  • You can apply it directly by rubbing a lemon wedge on the nails.

11. Listerine for White Lines on Nails

Listerine works perfectly as a mouth wash due to its effective antibacterial properties. This property can be transferred for use on nails to keep white spots at bay. You can apply it on its own or mix it with vinegar for optimum results.

12. Apple Cider Vinegar

This great home remedy is known for its wide use on matters related to skin health. Its antiseptic properties will help fight microorganisms that cause white spots. Dilute vinegar with an equal amount of water and apply the resulting solution on the nails.

How to Get Rid of White Spots on Nails Fast

The only way to get rid of white spots on nails fast is by accelerating the nails growth by creating room for nail tissue regeneration. This way the marks will grow out ad can be clipped. You can achieve this by ensuring that you take a balanced diet. For healthy nails, ensure that you keep them clipped short and neat. 

This will help to prevent breaking and damage which in turn aids in growth. Stay away from activities that harm your nails and go easy on the manicures. This way the spots will grow out within no time and the likelihood of recurrence is minimized.

How to Get Rid of White Spots on Toenails

Wondering how to get rid of those white lines on toenails? In most cases, white spots on toenails are as a result of improper foot wear. Wearing shoes that are too tight could result in the nails getting damaged. To get rid of them, ensure you don proper footwear. 

In addition, it is possible for toenail fungus to cause whit spots. If that is the case, you can make use of the treatments discussed above. Alternatively, since white spots on toenails tend to be temporary, wait for them to grow out. Where you are not certain of the cause, remember to consult the doctor.  

How Long Does it Take for White Spots on Nails to Go Away?

According to, complete regrowth of nails takes between six to nine months while that of toenails takes 12 to 28 months. It is, therefore, possible that by the time white spots on nails appear, the injury or whatever is causing them occurred a number of months back. Growing the white spots on nail, therefore, requires a lot of patience.

How Can I Get Rid Of White Spots On My Nails Overnight?

One of our online readers posed this question. While it is impossible to eliminate white spots on nails instantaneously, it is possible to conceal them. this can be the only way through which the marks can be made invisible.

If this is the kind of solution you are looking for, apply nail polish to get rid of the spots. Since the nails are damaged already, it is important that you follow the right procedure. Give your nails a protein treatment first before applying polish. This will hide the spots and give the nails time to grow out.



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