Lip Rash above Chin and on Upper Lip Causes and Treatment Remedies

Whether your lip rash is on the upper lip, on the lower lip, above the chin, around the lips or at the corner of your lips, whether it was obtained after kissing or due to allergic reactions, we have it covered in this article. We explore why you may be experiencing those pesky lesions and help you reinstate healthy skin on and around your lips.

Lip Rash

A rash is a general term used to describe changes in texture and color of the skin. Lip rash may be used to refer to bumpy, scaly, itchy and irritated skin on or around the lips. It could affect either the upper or lower lip or both. There are many reasons for formation of rashes on lips and they include skin disorders such as eczema, unhealthy habits such as licking, infections and allergic reactions. These are discussed below.

Symptoms of Rashes on Lips

A lip rash can be identified by the presence of lesions around, on, under or below the lips. The lesions may be clear, white or red. Additional symptoms that may accompany rashes on lips include:
  • Presence of bumps
  • Itchiness
  • Lip swelling
  • Skin dryness and cracking
  • Hyperpigmentation

Lip Rash Causes

Below we get into the details of the causes of lip rashes.

Perioral Dermatitis

This is the medical term used to refer to a rash around the mouth and which borders the lips without affecting the lips. The term translates to inflammation of the skin around the mouth. The condition is chronic and comes with additional symptoms of pronounces skin reddening which resembles rosacea.

Although the exact cause of the condition is unknown, it is associated it with long term use of steroids. While this may not cause perioral dermatitis, it is said to trigger its occurrence. This is due to the resulting skin sensitivity experienced from its long term use. This makes the skin prone to reacting to various stimuli and thus formation of a lip rash.

According to Health Hype, 1 in 100 persons in the United States experiences it. The site goes ahead to indicate that the condition is more common among women aged 20 to 45 years with children and men being rarely affected.

Allergic Lip Rash Contact Dermatitis

Contact dermatitis refers to skin inflammation occurring as a result of contact with certain substances. Irritant contact dermatitis is seen where a substance results in skin irritation while allergic contact dermatitis is triggered by allergic reactions at the point of contact. Among substances that may cause lip rash from contact dermatitis include:
  • Soaps and Cleansers
  • Mouthwash or toothpaste
  • Consumption of certain beverages or foods
  • Use of shaving foam or aftershave
  • Cosmetic products such as lip rash from chapstick, lip gloss, liner, lipstick and facial makeup.
  • Hair removal creams

Angular Cheilitis

According to the Web MD, angular chelitis is a condition that results in swollen patches that are red in the corner of the mouth at the point where the lips meet.  Is characterized by swelling, cracking, itch, pain and formation of crusty scales. Due to the swelling, it may appear like there is a rash on lip.

The condition occurs when saliva is trapped in the corners of the mouth. It builds up and when it dries up, the skin in the area dries as well causing cracking. With time, infections may occur since the area provides perfect conditions for bacteria to thrive.

Lip Sunburns

While the forehead and the shoulders are most vulnerable to sunburns, the other parts of the body are not exempted from it. Sunburned lips are not only painful but prolonged exposure increase the chances of getting lip cancer.

Lip sunburns manifest in symptoms such as reddening of the skin, swelling, skin tenderness and blistering or lip rash. Generally, you are likely to observe small fluid filled bumps that are white in color.

Where the burn is mild, it may take up to three days to clear. Severely sunburned lips will take longer to heal.

Herpes Simplex Virus

The herpes simplex virus is a common cause of lip rash. Commonly referred to as fever blisters or cold sores, these small lesions can be painful. Unfortunately, once a person gets infected by the virus, chances of recurrence are high. This is because the virus easily gets reactivated. It is also highly contagious and can b contracted through direct contact or touching items infected with the virus such as towels.

Oral Thrush

According to Mayo Clinic, oral thrush is a condition resulting from accumulation of fungus on the lining of the mouth. The fungus Candida albicans normally lives in the mouth without problems. However, when there is an overgrowth, it leads to formation of creamy white lesions found on the inner cheeks and the tongue but which could spread to the roof of the mouth, back of the throat, gums and lips. It could, therefore, be the reason for your lip rash. It is most common in people with a weak immune system such as babies and older people.


This is a condition in which little blood vessels burst resulting in pinpointed red dots. This kind of lip rash is asymptomatic and could be caused by excessive sucking of the lips or a low platelet count.

Skin Problems

Various skin disorders such as psoriasis and eczema on lips could result in lip rash. these are normally accompanied by additional symptoms.

Lip Rash Treatment  and Remedies

The lip rash cure for each situation is dependent on the cause. As such, it is important that you visit your dermatologist for a diagnosis on the cause of rashes on your lips. Once this is established, treatment will be done to heal the causative agent and thus prevent future recurrence. Some general treatments that are not dependent on the cause include:

Corticosteroids for Lip Rash

Upon consulting your dermatologist, they may recommend the use of corticosteroids to treat the rash. this is more so in severe cases. The treatment may be administered in the form of injectables or topical creams.


This is used to treat lip rash resulting from allergic reactions. These will help to tame histamines and get rid of the rash. They can be used at home where one is aware of having exposed themselves to allergens.

Pain Relievers for Rash on Lips

These will come in handy where the rash is accompanied by pain. Take some pain relieve medication after your lips become painful from sunburns.

Lip Rash Healing and Prevention Tips

To help you deal with rashes on lips, here are additional tips.
  • Avoid licking your lips
  • In case you have recently changed any personal grooming or cosmetic product, stop using them as they could be the ones irritating the skin.
  • Scrutinize your food consumption and find out if you may have introduced a new food recently which may be the source of the lip rash.
  • Rinse fruits thoroughly to eliminate any irritants that may be contained on them.
  • Consume a balanced diet and ensure you get enough of zinc, iron and riboflavin as their deficiency could cause cheilitis.
  • Use additive and beeswax free lip balms to keep your skin hydrated and prevent lip rash.
  • Be certain to finish any course of topical or oral drugs as directed by your dermatologist to enhance complete healing of the lip rash.

Rash under Lip above Chin

The positioning and type of rash that forms on lips is important to note. It can go a long way in identifying the cause and thus enhance treatment.Occurring on the lower side, a rash under lip but which is above the chin is likely to be lip licker’s dermatitis.

This is more so if it is accompanied by redness across the area between the chin and the lip. It is caused by excessive licking of the area under the lip. Treatment will involve antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication. Recurrence can be prevented by quitting the licking habit.

Lip Rash Tiny Bumps

Tiny bumps that occur on the lips and which are accompanied by a rash may be caused by quite a number of things. These include bacterial infections, hand, foot and mouth disease, milia or canker sores.

Make an appointment with your dermatologist when the bumps are exceedingly painful, if your jaws are swollen, there is bleeding on the bumps and rashes or in case of numbness of the tongue.

Lip Rash from Kissing

A lip rash that forms after kissing is likely a case of cold sores. These are caused by the herpes virus which is highly contagious. It can be spread through direct contact such as when kissing. 

Where this is the case, it is possible that the reason is an allergic reaction. Persons with a highly sensitive skin may react to products being used by their partners. Where this is the case, a short course of antihistamines will heal the rash.

Rash on Upper Lip

A rash on upper lip may be caused by a number of things. Where it presents with pustular lesions and crusting, the cause could be a streptococcal infections. It could also be causes by allergic reactions, atopic dermatitis, eczema on upper lip or fungal infections. 

It is best to have the rash on upper lip diagnosed for appropriate treatment. As you seek to do so, ensure the area remains dry and avoid applying products around it as these could aggravate the condition.



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