Lumps on Inner Thighs Identification and Treatment

Lumps on inner thighs do not discriminate on gender and can occur on both males and females. While not all are painful, most are uncomfortable in the least. In this post we explore various types of lumps found on inner thighs including near the groin area and bikini line as well as possible implications and treatments

Lump on Inner Thigh

A lump on inner thigh may manifest as a bump, generally swollen area, a bulge or a rash. These maybe caused by a wide variety of reasons ranging from the simple fact that inner thighs rub together to more complex causes such as staph infections. Lumps on inner thighs take on different characteristics. 

They may be found on the skin or beneath it, be skin colored or red, small or big, smooth or rough as well as appear in clusters or individually. These characteristics help in pointing out what the lumps might be. Below we look at causes of a lump on inner thigh, their treatment, and how to get rid of them.

Causes of Lumps on Inner Thigh

Given the location, any lump on inner thigh can get painful especially due to the friction experienced during movement. While some of the causes are of no medical concern, there are others that will require you to visit your general practitioner for treatment. Recurring and long lasting lumps on inner thighs may also necessitate a visit to your doctor. Below are the various causes of lumps on inner thighs.

1. Boils

Boils on inner thighs are caused by staph infections. They are caused by an infection of the hair follicles or oil glands by the bacterium staphylococcus. The infection may be as a result of accumulation of dead skin cells. As a result, there is formation of a normally painful swollen area between the thighs. With time, the lump comes to head and accumulation of pus can be seen at the tip. 

It is after this stage that the lump will drain and the symptoms diminish. Boils on inner thighs may form individually or in clusters. Home care is usually enough for single boils but a visit to the doctor may be necessary if they appear in clusters or fail to come to head.

2. Cysts on Inner Thighs

Epidermoid cysts are common in the groin area. Cysts are closed pockets of tissue that are noncancerous. They may be filled with pus or other fluid material. Upon touch, a cyst may feel like a large pea trapped beneath the skin’s surface. They will normally develop due to clogging of the sebaceous glands upon which they are referred to as sebaceous cysts, infection as well as around any foreign body within inner thighs. 

Cysts are usually smooth to touch, slow growing and painless. They may, however, become painful if they rapture or get infected. To relieve the symptoms, a cyst may have to be drained. In cases of inflamed cysts on inner thigh, cortisone medication can be used to treat and shrink them. Persistent cysts can be surgically removed to relief associated symptoms. This helps to get rid of the sac since drainage without sac removal is likely to give room for recurrence.

3. Dermatofibromas

These are rounded red skin growths common on the legs and arms. They are hard lumps on the skin of inner thighs that contain scar tissue. When the growth is inched, a dimple is likely to form. Their cause is not known. Treatment is usually not necessary but they can be removed surgically or frozen with liquid nitrogen to flatten them.

4. Folliculitis

A lump on inner thigh may be folliculitis. Appearing as a pustule or papule lesion with a central hair, it refers to inflammation of hair follicles resulting from infections, physical irritation through shaving or friction from tight clothes as well as chemical irritation. Multiple red lumps and itch on hair bearing parts of the inner thighs are common signs of folliculitis. 

To treat these lumps, antifungal and antibiotic drugs may be used. Further occurrence can be prevented by minimizing future damage to the hair follicles by wearing appropriate clothes, using a new blade to shave the inner thighs as well as ensuring proper hygiene by keeping the area clean.

Keratosis Pilaris on Thighs

Also referred to as chicken skin bumps, keratosis pilaris are small rough lumps that are red or white in color occurring on inner thighs. They are painless and do not itch. These tiny bumps are most common in times of low humidity such as during winter when the skin is dry. They are also common in pregnancy and after childbirth.
To eliminate these lumps on inner thigh, intensive moisturizing is important. Taking long bathes and soaking in hot tubs before exfoliating your inner thighs can also help to unplug the pores.

5. Bumps on Inner Thighs from Rubbing Together

Commonly referred to as inner thigh chafing, bumps on inner thighs from rubbing together can be quite uncomfortable. It manifests as bruised lumps on inner thigh region that hurts to walk. Most common in exercise enthusiasts and people who are overweight, chafing is such a nightmare. If not dealt with, it could accelerate to a point where there is bleeding and crusting of the skin.  

You can prevent this chub rub by keeping your inner thighs dry, lubricating them and wearing bandelletes to avoid direct contact of the skin between the thighs. To treat the chafe and avoid infection, keep the area clean. In case it is severe and the lumps on inner thigh from rubbing together are swollen, painful, crusted or bleeding, see your health care provider so they can offer medicated ointment. 

You may want to give yourself some time before resuming an active lifestyle to give room for fast healing as friction from movement will only make the chafing worse and could also expose you to infections.

6. Warts

Warts on the skin are caused by the human papilloma virus and appear as dry scaly or grainy skin colored lumps on the skin. They are usually painless. Though they may not be a health risk, lumps on inner thighs that are warts can cause discomfort during walking, sexual activity as well as when bathing and dressing.

The likelihood of acquiring warts on inner thighs is increased by the presence of cuts such as caused by shaving with a blunt blade. This is because cuts increase the chances of the papilloma virus entering the skin. The virus can also spread between partners during intimacy through direst touch. Sharing of clothes, bedding and towels can also see the transfer of the virus between persons.  

7. Pimples on Inner Thighs

Pimples, blackheads, whiteheads and acne all occur when the hair follicles become clogged by sebum, dead skin cells and dirt thus becoming infected. Acne zits may occur as a result of hormonal imbalance, malfunctioning of the sebaceous glands and use of inappropriate skin care products. 

Treatment can be done using home remedies or over the counter products. Stubborn recurrent pimples on inner thighs can be dealt with using medicated products available upon prescription by your dermatologist.

8. Ingrown Hair

Sore swollen lump on inner thigh by bikini line could be ingrown hairs. Forming as a result of shaving the inner thighs as well as the bikini line with a blunt razor, these lumps can be painful. To get rid of ingrown hair lumps and bumps on inner thighs, you need to exfoliate the skin so as to encourage the trapped hair to grow out. Michael Gold, MD - Nashville Dermatologic Surgeon cited on recommends using a board certified dermatologist so they can first find out what needs to be addressed to stop recurrence and recommend a relevant treatment plan.

9. Heat Rash

This is a condition that affects males and females, adults and children I equal measure. It occurs in hot humid conditions and is as a result of blocked pores. Heat rash is accelerated by friction and is thus common on areas that rub together such as the inner thighs. 

Mild cases of heat rash manifest as tiny clear white bumps on the skin that are not itchy. In its severe form which is commonly referred to as prickly heat, heat rash is quite uncomfortable and will cause red lumps on the skin that are accompanied by itch and a prickly sensation.

10. Allergic Reactions

Another reason why you may be having a lump on inner thigh is due to skin sensitivity. Your skin may be allergic to items and products it gets into contact with such as soaps, certain fabrics as well as personal grooming products. These lumps usually appear spontaneously and will go away with time. The best day of dealing with this kind of lumps is to identify your allergic triggers and eliminate them. Taking antihistamine medication can help offer immediate reprieve.

Lump On Inner Thigh near Groin Female or Male

A lump on inner thigh near the groin in either females or males is one occurring where the legs and trunk connect. It may be pea sized or smaller and may be painful or with no pain. Groin lumps may appear as a single bump or a collection of a number of them. These may be caused by:

11. Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Bumps on inner upper thigh that are close to the groin area may be sexually transmitted infections. Genital herpes is a sexually transmitted disease that results in painful fluid filled bumps. These may break upon which the fluid contained therein will ooze. Other STDs causing bumps on inner thighs include gonorrhea, syphilis and chlamydia.

12. Saphena Varix

This kind of lump on inner thighs near groin is known to disappear when you lie down. It is usually the size of a golf ball with a blue tinge. It is caused by the malfunctioning of the saphenous vein resulting in its failure to open correctly. As a result, blood fails to flow through and instead collects inside the vein.

13.Jock Itch

This is a condition that is most common in males but could affect females too. It is a fungal infection that results in painful lumps on inner thighs of males. The tiny lumps manifest as a red itchy rash. The condition is not sexually transmitted and can be treated by use of antifungal topical treatments.

Lump on Inner Thigh under Skin

Lymph nodes are tiny bean shaped glands found throughout the body. They are part of the lymphatic system and aid in circulating fluid through the body. Swollen lymph nodes may be seen as lumps on inner thigh under the skin. The cause of swelling may be infection in the foot, genital or groin area as well as an injury within the leg.

Large or Big Lump on Inner Thigh

Bumps and lumps on inner thigh vary in shape, size and texture. Moreover, some have the ability to enlarge or shrink with time. It is thus hard to tell what a big lump on inner thigh may be without additional descriptive characteristics. 

Generally, lumps on the inside of thighs that are known to be on the larger scale include boils and cysts. You can wait and see if it goes with time. In case it doesn’t or if it keeps growing bigger and changing color and texture, have it checked as it could be cancerous.

Hard Lump On Inner Thigh

Any hard lump occurring on the inner thighs could be caused by the following:
  • Staph infection
  • Boils that have not yet come to head
  • Abscesses that form when bacteria infiltrated the skin.
  • Warts on inner thighs
  • Crusting after inner thigh chafing
  • Blood clot swellings

Lump On Inner Thigh Female Not Painful 

Painful lumps on inner thighs can render daily activities such as walking impossible. This is more so when located in areas when inner skin rubbing is inevitable. It is such a relief when a lump on a female’s inner thigh is not painful since this might only bring with it some discomfort. 

Where a bump forms and remains the same without much change, you can let it be and just monitor it. Chances are it will go away. If any changes are noticed, have it examined to know what it is.  

Red Lump on Inner Thigh that Hurts

In most cases, boils start off as tiny red bumps that are not only itchy but hurt as well. Over time, it enlarges and is filled with pus which then drains on its own. Once the head has burst, the symptoms associated with the lump subside. You can see your dermatologist for lancing and excision in case the boil on inner thigh does not come to head or where it is too painful and makes walking hard.

How to get Rid of Lumps on Inner Thighs – Treatment for Inner Thigh Lumps

Every case of a lump on inner thighs is unique, as such, treatment is hinged on the cause and accompanying symptoms. There is no one-fits-all treatment for lumps on inner thighs. It is therefore important to have a correct diagnosis before commencing treatment. Below we discuss general interventions that can offer relief to common symptoms as a way on how to get rid of lumps on inner thighs.


Antibiotic treatment can be used on inner thigh lumps associated with bacterial infections.

2.Warm Compresses

This is most appropriate for lumps that have drainage such as boils and abscesses. It will help in draining the pus fast.

3. Cold Compresses

Ice packs and cold compresses can be used to relief the inner thighs from pain and itch. The cold has a numbing effect and rids the skin off these sensations.

Other than these home treatments, it is possible to get rid of inner thigh cysts and warts through surgical procedures. Se your dermatologist for guidance on how to deal with any lump on inner thigh.

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