How to Get Rid of a Unibrow Forever and Naturally at Home

Is photoshop the only method you know of how to get rid of a unibrow? If this is the case, you are missing out on a wide range of options that include professional treatments for permanent unibrow hair removal and natural home procedures. Find out what options there are on how to get rid of a unibrow fast, permanently and at home are including those that don’t involve waxing and getting pimples for males, females and even children.

What is a Unibrow?

Before we can explore various options on how to get rid of a unibrow without it growing back, a clear understanding of what a unibrow is and why we have is, is necessary. defines a unibrow as a term referring to "confluence of eyebrows": lush, abundant, unending, unyielding hair between the eyebrows, so that the eyebrows seem to converge to form a single overlong band of hair.” Also referred to as a monobrow, a unibrow is a facial feature where the two eyebrows form one continuous line with little if any space between them.

Why Do I have a Unibrow or What Causes a Unibrow?

Though humans share most physical features, these features vary from one individual to another. Though we all have eyebrows, they differ in shape, size and thickness. Some people spot thin arched eyebrows while others sport furry unibrows. The root for this hair variation is attributed to genetics.

A study published in Nature Communications identified genes tied to having a unibrow. In addition, genetics of the eyebrows revealed that different genes affect the presence of a unibrow, beard thickness as well as hair type. [Source:]

How to get Rid of a Unibrow

It is not always that people will want to get rid of a unibrow. This is more so in cultures where a unibrow is a sign of bad things. In other cases, it is simply a matter of personal grooming routine. Yet, for, others, a unibrow could come in between their self-esteem and personal image. If having a unibrow is weighing down on you and you want nothing to do with it, there are many options to pick from. These range from temporary means on how to get rid of a unibrow to long term methods offered by professionals to get rid of the hair for good.

How To Get Rid Of A Unibrow forever or Permanently

In case you are looking to removing a unibrow permanently without it growing back, you are best placed seeking professional means of hair removal.

1. Laser for Unibrow Hair Removal without Growing Back

Laser hair removal works best on thick coarse hairs making it the best there is that will see your unibrow not growing back. Although this is not allowed for eyebrow shaping or sculpting, it is allowed for use on getting rid of a unibrow. Laser hair removal can offer a lasting solution to your unwanted and recurrent unibrow stubble. 

The unibrow laser hair removal involves the use of light wavelengths directed to the hair follicles upon which they are absorbed. This kills the hair follicle and prevents them from growing back. In addition to this method being permanent, it also eliminates the risk of razor burns, scarring and the need for constant long term maintenance. It also saves time.

The number of sessions required for desired results to be achieved will differ as they are influenced by the thickness of the hair and amount being dealt with. To ensure that you are dealing with an experienced person, ask to see some before and after pictures. Since this method is quite high on the cost, you want to be certain that you will be getting value for your money.

2. Electrolysis Unibrow Removal for Good

Elecrolysis hair removal works on each individual hair a follicle at a time. According to, this is most appropriate for blond fine hairs. As such, using electrolysis for unibrow removal may require a little more sessions since the hairs there are mostly thick and coarse.

According to, medical electrolysis uses chemical energy or heat energy and in some cases both, to destroy hair growth cell thus getting rid of unwanted unibrow hair permanently. With galvanic electrolysis, a chemical reaction is induced through a current that destroys the hair growth cell. Thermolysis on the other hand produces heat to destroy hair growth cells right I the follicle. 

The discomfort with this procedure is minimal with the patient feeling a heat or pinch like sensation. The tolerance rate though varies among individuals.

How to Get Rid Of a Unibrow at Home

The truth is that while the above procedures offer reprieve from a unibrow for good, they don’t come cheap and you will be left looking at a bill of hundreds of dollars. If you do not have much to spare, you can make use of various options on how to get rid of a unibrow at home. The results may not be permanent but they will get rid of it all the same.

3. Shaving a Unibrow

A misconception that has been held for quite a long time is that once you shave hair it tends to grow back darker and thicker. The only disadvantage there is is that shaving a monobrow only gets rid of the hair on the surface. As such, you will be required to shave more often that you would require to wax or pluck. 

To get the best results, it is best to use a razor specially designed for the eyebrows. In addition, ensure that you use the right shaving procedure. Start by wetting the skin followed by applying a shaving cream. This way you will reduce the chances of irritation and stubble.

4. Get Rid of a Unibrow Fast with Hair Removal Cream

Depilatory creams are quite fast and will help you get rid of unibrow hair effortlessly and within no time. They make use of chemicals that dissolve the hair. This method, just like shaving, eliminates the hair on the surface and will thus require frequent touchups. Not all depilatory creams are safe for use on the face. Be certain to pick one that is specifically made for use on the face.

5. Plucking your Monobrow Hair

This is most appropriate for a monobrow that is sparse. This is achieved by using a pair of tweezers to pull out the hairs right from the follicles. This works longer than shaving as it will take a few weeks for the plucked hairs to grow back. Within this period, you will only have to take care of a few stragglers that may appear. 

While the initial unibrow plucking sessions may be a little painful and slow, the process gets better with tie as you get the hang of it.

6. Monobrow Hair Threading

With this method, a cotton thread that is intertwined is used to lift hairs lying within on the skin right from the follicles. Since it can lift a numbr of hairs, it is faster than plucking and appropriate for people with sensitive skin.

7. Unibrow Waxing

If you are looking for a method of how to get rid of a unibrow fast at home, this is your go to procedure. The pain for the procedure is minimal and the unibrow hairs may take up to three weeks before growing back. 

Another advantage is that if you don’t have the time to do it at home, you can have your facial groomer do your eyebrow waxing at the salon. 

There are plenty of waxing kits for home use available with facial hair strips being readily available. To ensure that you do not make blunders that could alter your facial looks and cause regrets later, be certain to follow manufacturer instructions that come with the kit to the letter. Waxing could result in skin irritation and inflammation for the few hours following the procedure. These should diminish within no time.

How to Get Rid Of a Unibrow Naturally without Waxing

If you are seeking to get rid of a unibrow naturally, you can pick on threading, plucking or shaving from the list above. In addition, there are some natural facial hair removal products available in stores.
Where these don’t sound like something you would want to try, opt for homemade sugaring gel which is a natural waxing alternative. This is quite appropriate for people with a sensitive skin.

8. Sugaring to get Rid of a Unibrow Naturally and Easily

There are many recipes for making this natural hair removal remedy. Usually, though, the main ingredients remain the same. You can checkout various You tube videos for variations of the same. The procedure and application for removal can easily be mastered as seen below.
In a pan, pour a cup of granulated sugar and add lemon juice from a single lemon.
  • Add quarter a cup of water to the mixture and turn on the heat at maximum.
  • Allow this to boil before turning it down to low and keep stirring it.
  • When the solution starts to tun to golden brown, turn off the heat and let it cool.
  • For perfect results, to should have a consistency that is heavier than honey. If it is too runny, allow it to simmer on low heat for a few more minutes until this is achieved.
  • Once the right consistency is achieved and the wax is allowed to cool, it will be ready for use.
  • You can use a popsicle stick to apply the sugaring gel on the unibrow or use it with waxing strips.
In addition to the above, some people have confessed to using unconventional means such as duct tape to get rid of a unibrow.

How to Get Rid of a Unibrow without Getting Pimples or Acne by Bleaching

Whether you are male or female, nothing would shout more for attention that pimples between your eyebrows. Various home hair removal procedures come with the risk of developing ingrown hair bumps. It is also possible to get razor bumps on the skin.

If you are not good at unibrow hair removal, you can try bleaching. This method is most appropriate for unibrow hair that is short and fine. It is therefore not the method for thick and bushy monobrows. 

The procedure makes use of facial hair bleaching creams. These contain hydrogen peroxide which acts to lighten the hair color. This acts to conceal sparse unibrow hairs and render them unnoticeable for a couple of weeks.

How to Get Rid Of a Unibrow on a Child

When it comes to children and unibrows, the decision on whether to remove or just let them be lies solely on their parents. My option would be to let them be. Unlike adults, children don’t have to get rid of body hair until they reach puberty and are conscious of their looks. At that point, it is their choice to eliminate it.

Most of the unibrow removal procedures mentioned above may be painful or make your child’s sensitive skin react. A sharp razor could get them cut as they wiggle. There is no single hair removal that can be deemed appropriate for them. 

To deal with a unibrow on a child, you can try and not make too much of an issue about it. Since it is likely that the monobrow genes run in the family, you can point out similarities with people that don them and with whom they are familiar with. if you are still inclined to get rid of the unibrow on your child, talk to a profesional so they can advise on the best way forward.

The Comeback of Unibrows

While all through both males and females have yearned to keep their unibrows groomed through the various removal procedures discussed above, things have changed. The unibrow is slowly making a comeback with some people seeking how to grow a unibrow to keep up with the trend.

Cara Delevignne bushy brow may have inspired people to shelve their tweezers and this has been all on the rage. 

Currently, Sophia Hadjipanteli is quite vocal and a figure to identify with for those on the #UnibrowMovement with her frequently posting pictures of her untamed brow. So, yes: it is finally cool to have a unibrow!

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