How to Make Yourself Sneeze on Demand

We all know that annoying and, at times, frustrating feeling of wanting to sneeze without really doing so. How about moments when you have a stuffy nose and all you want is to have it clear? Well, worry no more for it is possible to make yourself sneeze. The methods available range from using pepper. However, if that is too hot for you and you are looking to make yourself sneeze without pepper, we have you covered. Below, find how to make yourself sneeze easily on demand.

How to make Yourself Sneeze

In case you are having a sneezing sensation but are unable to sneeze, there are different interventions you can make to promote it. Though they may not all work on you, the idea is to try each and identify one you can rely on when you want to sneeze on demand. Below is how.

How to Make Yourself Sneeze on Demand through Smell

Some smells are known to trigger sneezing. Try those listed below and see which one is most effective on making you sneeze.


Sniffing at spices can help you get out a lingering sneeze. Try and smell at cumin, coriander, crushed red pepper. You can inhale their scent directly or try to grind them using a pestle and mortar. You are likely to sneeze in the process.

Capsicum Extract

Used in both pepper spray and medication, capsicum extract is derived from hot peppers. This can be purchased from stores near you. It should not be applied on the nose as this could result in irritation. Use a cotton ball dabbed with it and hold it close to your nose. Inhale the scent.
In the absence of capsicum extract, a hot pepper can suffice. Wondering how to make yourself sneeze a lot or uncontrollably with pepper? Simply cut open a chili or jalapeno and using a cotton swab, dab the inside part. Hold the cotton swab close to your nose to inhale the scent. 

When using this method, forget about sneezing cute as it is also likely to make you tear and sneeze simultaneously. This is more so if you opt to bite on raw pepper.

Fizzy Drink

Another way to make yourself sneeze is by sniffing at a fizzy drink. If you have a stuffy nose, a soda can help you trigger sneezing and let loose whatever is clogging your nose. While drinking the carbonated drink may work, holding a cup of the drink under your nose and inhaling it may have more fulfilling results. Ensure you drink is not flat. The drink ought to be quite fizzy so that it can produce enough bubbles to stimulate a sneeze.

Peppermint Gum

Some people will sneeze upon smelling peppermint. Open a peppermint gum and try to pop it in your mouth. Inhale the flavor as you chew and it could help you sneeze out a stuffy nose. Alternatively, get a bottle of peppermint oil and inhale it. In the absence of these, try pepper mint toothpaste.

Sensations to Trigger Sneezing Reflex with a Stuffy Nose

When you have a sneezing sensation but are unable to, try triggering your nose with the following methods. In addition to helping you conquer your inability to sneeze, they will unclog a blocked nose.

Tickle you Nose

To awaken your nose’s defense mechanism, you can try tickling your nostrils. Since the inside of a nose is quite sensitive, agitating it can help produce the desired effect. You can use different items in your home to achieve this.

Get a fake feather and use it to brush inside your nose. Don’t stick it too much inside. A slight tickle on the underside is enough to make you sneeze. 

Roll a tissue ply into a small pointed corner and put this under the nostrils as you wiggle and turn it. The ticklish effect produced should help stimulate your nose enough for you to sneeze. The edge of a qtip could also suffice in this case.

While using this method, be careful enough. Do not put anything too deep inside the nose. Limit your exploration to the inside edges of the nostrils. Sharp objects such as a hairpin should not be used.

Pluck a Nose Hair

When plucking a nose hair, the trigeminal nerve is stimulated thus causing you to sneeze. This may be attributed to the lining of the nose being very sensitive. The process may be painful but will have you achieve the desired result. Ensure you pull out the hair in the right way to avoid ingrown nose hair.

Massage the Roof of your Mouth

If you are looking forward to fake sneeze in a class or public area and without anything, this is a great and unnoticeable option. Using your tongue to massage the roof of the mouth can stimulate nerves that run along it to induce sneezing. Simply press the tongue’s tip to the roof of the mouth and move it back to as far as it can go. Keep moving the tongue to help you identify the spot that triggers the sneezing reflex.

Massage the Bridge of the Nose when You have a Cold

Rubbing the bridge of a nose using the fingers can help you sneeze easily in addition to aiding in drainage of nasal fluid when you have a blocked nose. Run your fingers in a downward motion on the area until there is a tickling sensation and a sneeze is emitted. While doing it, do not press too hard. Exerting firm pressure without being too hard is enough.

Breath in Cold Air

Your sneezing reflex can be triggered by breathing in cold air. This applies the premise of the sneezing that takes place if you get out when it is cold and you sneeze.  

In case the outside is not cold enough, open up your freezer while leaning into it and take in deep breaths of the cold air for a few seconds. 

Get into a hot shower and occasionally stick out your head to allow you take in deep breaths of the cooler air. This will help you sneeze repeatedly.

How to not Sneeze

While the greatest relief for a sneeze is to have it out, it is also possible to make yourself not to sneeze on your body’s command. This can be achieved by pressing your tongue against your teeth. This confuses your mind and prevents sneezing from occurring. 

Avoiding irritants and allergens can also help in keeping your environment friendly for your breathing system. Do not allow people to smoke close to you and use an air purifier at home to get rid of mold and dust. Taking decongestants or blowing the nose can help avoid sneezing triggers when you are having a stuffed nose. Where necessary, seek treatment for your cold.


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