Sebaceous Filaments on, Under and All Over Breasts

You might have noticed some string like tiny bumps that could easily be confused for blackheads on the skin around your breasts. These are sebaceous filaments on breasts and are as a result of blocked skin pores. Sebaceous filaments are tiny formations resulting from accumulation of sebum around a hair follicle.
These filaments are a natural part of the follicles and are easily mistaken for blackheads. They are not a sign of infection and are white or yellow in color. They could also be skin colored and act as a means to channel out sebum in skin pores so it can seep to the skin’s surface to keep it moisturized. We explore the topic below.

What are Sebaceous Filaments on Breasts?

Sebaceous filaments are hair like strand formations that help to channel sebum from the oil glands through the lining of the skin and onto the surface. They appear as tiny dots. Sebaceous filaments on nose, chin and forehead are most common. They can, however, appear on the breasts especially during pregnancy.

Why Do we Have Sebaceous Filaments?

The skin produces sebum naturally to keep itself moisturized. Sebaceous filaments naturally direct sebum through the hair follicles. The filaments aid in the oils movement from the pores and onto the skin. For persons with excessively oily skin and large skin pores on the breasts, the pores become clogged as a result of which sebaceous filaments on breasts form. Clogged pores on breasts are the main cause of sebaceous filaments on breasts.

How to Get Rid of Sebaceous Filaments on Breasts

Tiny blackheads or hair like filaments on the skin can be weird to look at. In case you are wondering how to shrink sebaceous filaments or eliminate them, there are many options on how to get rid of sebaceous filaments on, under or all over breasts. These include:
  1. Keep the skin under your breasts dry. Pat the area once you take a shower. Applying some baby powder and wiping the area regularly with soft towels can also help. This simple intervention will keep the area dry and clean and avoid the pores from getting clogged with microorganisms.
  2. Once you indulge in vigorous activities such as work out or physically demanding work, always take a bath to protect the pores from being clogged. Bathing will also aid in unclogging the sensitive skin under and around the filaments.
  3. Wear bras that are made up of breathable fabrics. Choosing the right size is also important as breasts that are squeezed together are likely to have their pores constricted which results in sebaceous filaments on breasts.
  4. To reduce the amount of sebum produced by the skin, always keep the skin around the breasts well moisturized. This will prevent over-secretion and thus stop production of excess oil.
  5. Before retiring to bed, apply a topical product with benzoyl peroxide to clear up the filaments. For it to be effective, wear loosely fitting nightwear.
  6. Since the skin around the breasts is quite sensitive and regular exfoliation may irritate it, use a granular substance to rub the area. This will get rid of dead skin cells and unclog the pores which discourages formation of sebaceous filaments. Be gentle while at it so that you do not harm your skin.


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