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Scabs in Ears and Behind Earlobe Piercing, Won't Heal

Find out what the scabs in ears, around the earlobe and on the fold are, why they won't go away or keep coming back as well as their causes and treatment.

Bruised Fingernail Causes, Relief, Healing Time, Won't Go Away

When bleeding occurs under the toenail or fingernail, it is referred to as a sublingual hematoma in medical terms. This happens when the part is crushed and an injury sustained. It leads to collection of blood beneath and is accompanied by additional symptoms such as throbbing and extreme pain. The injury is, however, not worrisome unless it was severe enough to damage surrounding tissues such as by damaging the nail bed or breaking bones.

Bruised Tongue - Under, Patches, Causes, and Treatments

This post explores a bruised tongue and offers information on underneath tongue bruise patches from bites, piercings, and other causes, what tongue lesions in babies mean, treatment, and what to do about them.

Wrinkled Fingertips Causes, with and Without Water

Although mostly occurring after long exposure in water, wrinkled fingertips could also occur without water. In this post we explore what causes this condition, why fingertips get wrinkled and why your fingertips wrinkle while wet.

How to Get Rid of a Black Eye Fast, with Cayenne Pepper and Vaseline

How do you get rid of a black eye in a day or overnight? Well, while this may not be doable, a little use of cosmetics may help. Below we explore how to get rid of a black eye fast, how to conceal shiners using makeup and home remedies that can aid in the healing of bruised skin around the eye.