How to Get Rid of a Black Eye Fast, with Cayenne Pepper and Vaseline

How do you get rid of a black eye in a day or overnight? Well, while this may not be doable, a little use of cosmetics may help. Below we explore how to get rid of a black eye fast, how to conceal shiners using makeup and home remedies that can aid in the healing of bruised skin around the eye.

How to Get Rid of a Black Eye

It appears black and may be quite a distortion to your face. The swelling, discoloration and long healing duration may leave you wanting to remain holed up in the house. What do you do where this is not possible? There are various interventions at your disposal that will aid in getting rid of a black eye quickly. Before we get into the details, let us explore what the injury is all about.

What is a Black eye?

A black eye is also known as a shiner or periorbital hematoma. It refers to a bruising occurring around the eye as a result of injury on the face as opposed to an injury meted on the face itself. The term black eye is used to describe any bruising around the eye where an injury causes fluids and blood to pool in the space leading to swelling and darkening of surrounding skin and is derived from the dark coloration it adopts.

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, whenever trauma is inflicted on the head or face, the skin surrounding the eyes is the first to experience fluid buildup and swelling. Despite the injury being referred to as a “black eye”, the eye is usually unharmed.

Black Eye Healing Stages - Black Eye Healing Time

Now that we know what a black eye is, how long does it take to clear up? Left to its own devices, a black eye can heal on its own. This, though, will take a few more days than when interventions are made to speed up the process. The healing time for the injury depends on severity and could last anywhere between a few days to two weeks. 

Severe cases could have a prolonged healing duration. Like any other kind of bruising, the black eye healing time goes through various black eye healing stages which include color changes and reduced swelling. These are:

The pink or Red Stage

This is the most immediate stage once the skin has been injured. As soon as your face gets hit, the skin around that suffers a black eye will appear red or pink. The bright coloration is caused by pooling of blood containing hemoglobin and iron. The skin will also be tender to touch, inflamed, and swollen.

Blue or Dark Purple

From around the second to the fifth day of healing, the black eye will adopt a darker coloration. It is at this point that the bruise will manifest itself as a black eye by appearing blue, purple of even black. This results from the swelling and accompanying restricted supply of oxygen into the injured part of the skin causing the pooled blood to darken.

Greenish Coloration

After the fifth day and starting the sixth day after the impact, the black eye will adapt a pale green coloration. This color change on your black eye occurs due to the breakdown of hemoglobin. It marks the beginning of healing for the bruise.

The Yellow or Brown Stage

This is the final healing stage for your bruised skin around the eyes. The body absorbs the accumulated fluids and the dark color on the area fades turning into green or brown. It marks the last color change of the black eye healing stages. It will continue fading until the area is completely healed.

How to Get Rid of a Black Eye Fast

Whether the black eye appears in form of bags, circles or simply a bruise under or around the eye, it remains quite conspicuous for the healing duration. The fact that they occur on the face also tends to draw attention to the injured area, something that can leave you quite conscious of your appearance.

While it may not be possible to get rid of a shiner overnight, it is possible to hasten the healing process and facilitate a shorter healing period using various forms of interventions. Below is how to get rid of a black eye fast and permanently.

1. Ice Pack

The first 24 hours after the skin is subjected to trauma are quite essential. They have a great influence on the bearing the healing process takes and how long the shiner lasts. Immediately you get hurt, apply some ice on the skin. You may use ice cubes but frozen peas and other vegetables work better as they can easily conform to the shape of the face.
  • For the first 24 to 48 hours after the injury, apply the ice around the affected area for 15 to 20 minutes. This can be repeated in one-hour intervals.
The ice numbs the area protecting you from feeling the pain while at the same time constricting the blood vessels. This helps to limit swelling. 

For the best results, initiate this treatment immediately after the injury and continue with it for 24 to 48 hours. The compress should be focused on the hurt part of the skin and not the eye.  To prevent frost bites, wrap the ice up with a towel.

2. Moist Heat Compress

After the initial 24 to 48 hours ice treatment, it is now time to switch to a warm compress. Applying moist heat around the area is recommended.  Simply hold a warm, moist cloth on the injured skin for about 10 minutes and repeat the same every hour. Avoid using dry heat such as a heating pad as this could cause further damage to the already sensitive skin.

This treatment will enhance blood circulation which will in turn promote re-absorption of blood pooled at the point of damaged blood vessels. The removal of trapped blood facilitates quick healing.

3. Relieve Pain

In case the black eye was caused by severe trauma, you will need to deal with the pain. Over the counter pain relievers may help to diminish the pain. You could try Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen. Avoid aspirin as it decreases the ability of the blood to clot. Follow the manufacturer instructions while taking the same.

How To Cover Up A Black Eye

While making a few interventions in the early stages of healing can reduce the amount of time taken for the black eye to heal, the mark still remains visible for a while. Priority should, therefore, be given to the healing process. 

In cases where you are looking for options on how to get rid of the black eye instantly or in a day or a few hours, this may not be possible. However, you can conceal the injury by using cosmetics to hide it. This should only be applied after the swelling has gone down to avoid skin irritation. It should also be done after the treatment phase is at the heat compress stage. Here is how to cover up a black eye for immediate results.

1. Apply a Corrective Concealer

For this stage, you should pick a green or yellow shade of corrective concealer. This technique relies on the use of complementary colors to correct skin discoloration. Yellow concealer works best for a black eye in the purple color stage while the green one works best for the lighter yellow or brown coloration.

Liquid concealers work best as they are easy to apply and require using less pressure on the injured skin. The corrective concealer should be applied prior to using the standard concealer. Its purpose is to disguise the dark coloration accompanying the black eye.
  • Using your finger, apply the corrective concealer by dabbing it on the affected part of the skin.
  • Using some light and gentle strokes, blend in the product to cover up the whole area that is damaged.

2. Apply the Normal Concealer

This should be applied after the corrective product has dried up. Pick your usual concealer that matches your skin tone and apply it on the same area. It should effortlessly blend any uneven skin coloration that may have occurred as a result of the corrective concealer.

3. Use Standard Makeup

Once you are done applying the concealer, you can go ahead with your standard routine. Use any additional makeup as you may desire.

4. Utilize a Concealer Pen

Concealer pens are not only easy to use but also give satisfactory coverage for a black eye. What is more is that it is quite easy for men who are not makeup savvy. Simply strike the affected area with the pen using light motions while avoiding excessive application. To blend the product, gently pat the skin with your fingertips until you achieve a flawless finish.

5. Opt for Foundation

This is a perfect way to cover up a black eye for people who prefer minimal makeup. The routine foundation can be used as a concealer and still attain the desired effect. Both cream and liquid foundation will work. Simply apply the product on the area until the visibility of the black eye is diminished.

When using a concealer as a method on how to get rid of a black eye, only apply it on the affected part a opposed to the whole eye area or face. To ensure that the makeup does not look heavy on you, spritz a toner on your face.

Home Remedies to Get Rid of a Black Eye

1. Cayenne Pepper and Vaseline for Black Eye Homemade Remedy for Black Eye

The use of cayenne pepper and petroleum jelly to treat bruises dates back to ancient times in Chinese Medicine. To treat a shiner using this combination:
  • Melt five table spoons of Vaseline and combine it with a tablespoon of cayenne pepper and allow the mixture to cool. 
  • Once it has solidified, apply it on the black eye and leave it on the skin.
  • After a couple of hours, wipe it off and repeat procedure up to three times in a day.
Be cautious enough not to get the remedy into your eyes as it will be painful.

2. Chilled Tea Bags for Black Eye Bruise

Tea contains tannins which have astringent effects which are essential in the healing process of a bruise or wound. It also has antiviral and anti-inflammatory effects which protect the black eye from infections. To get rid of a black eye fast,
  • Soak a tea bag in water and refrigerate it. A used tea bag can also suffice.
  • Apply the chilled bags on the bruise as frequently as may be necessary to reap the tea’s healing benefits and hasten your shiner’s healing.

3. Raw Potatoes Black Eye Remedy

Another home remedy to get rid of a black eye is raw potatoes. Its juice contains soothing and anti-irritant properties which are essential for the healing skin around a shiner.
  • You can grate fresh potatoes and place them on your skin or use potato slices. Leave your choice on the injury for 15 minutes to ease discomfort and minimize swelling.

4. Cucumber to Heal a Shiner

Slices of cucumber diminish inflammation and facilitate quick healing of injured skin. They also provide a cooling effect which works to offer relief from pain.
Simply place some cucumber slices on the black eye to get rid of it fast.

 5. Arnica for Black Eye Treatment

This herbal home remedy has healing properties and quickly repairs worn out tissues. It works best when applied on the injury immediately trauma is inflicted. To get rid of black bruising around or under the eyes, apply arnica oil or gel on the area regularly.

When to See a Doctor

In most cases, medical treatment to get rid of a black eye is not necessary. However, severe cases may necessitate professional treatment. These include bruising around the eyes that results in:
  • Severe pain
  • Persistent headache
  • Excessive swelling
  • Lethargy
  • Vomiting
  • Changes in vision
  • Blood inside the eyes.
Also see a doctor in case the black eye gets infected and displays symptoms such as redness, warmth, pus and is accompanied by a fever. To prevent getting a black eye, always wear safety glasses and protective gear while engaging in activities likely to cause injury.



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