Heal scabs on Face Overnight and Fast for a Flawless Skin

Scabbing of the skin is a normal healing process. Scabs on the face form when there is damage on the tissue. They are caused by injury, acne, bacterial infections, picking on the skin, scratching, eczema and dry skin. When scabs form on the face, they are a nuisance and will make you conscious on how you look. In case you are wondering how to heal scabs on face overnight or fast, get the details below.

How to Heal Scabs on Face Overnight

A scab is made up of a crust that binds body fluids, dried blood and cells. They form on top of a wound to protect it from germs and also allow the new cells forming beneath to develop to maturation until new skin forms. While it is understandable to want to heal scabs on face overnight when you have an important occasion, this is close to impossible. Removing a scab before it matures makes you susceptible to scarring and increases the chances of having an open wound on the face, which much more of an eyesore than a scab. It also exposes the wound to infection causing micro-organisms. What you can do, however, is treat the scab overnight so it heals fast. Below is how to heal scabs on face from picking, acne, and injury among other.

  1. Clean the Scab

    You should wash scabbing skin twice every day. Make this in the morning and at night before you go to sleep. You can use any gentle facial cleanser for this or an acne cleanser if you are having acne scabs. Always use a clean washcloth every time to avoid contamination and infections as these will slow down the process of healing. Pat dry once you are done.
  2. Apply Oil

    Research shows that wounds heal much faster when moist that when dry. Applying oil keeps the scabs moisturized and hastens the healing process. Use almond, olive, coconut or castor oil. Vaseline petroleum jelly for scabs is also known to work. 

    Gently massage the oil on the affected part of the face while applying minute pleasure to avoid dislodging the scab prematurely.In addition to making loose components of the scabs fall off easily, applying oil on the scab will ensure that it falls of within a week.
  3. Warm Compresses

    Applying a warm compress on scabs on the face for 15 minutes softens it. This way, the crusted wound covering stops adhering to the skin and will come off naturally and safely without causing further damage. Hold the compress against the scabs without rubbing and allow the heat and moisture work their way into it.

    How to Heal Scabs On Face Fast

    In addition to the above, there are some home remedy interventions you can make to quicken the healing of scabs on your face. See them below.
  4. Apply Aloe Veral Gel

    Wondering how to heal scabs on face fast with readily available products? Well, aloe vera will come to your rescue. It contains healing properties that make it an effective treatment. It contains astringent properties and has cooling and soothing effects.

    Overall, aloe vera is an effective treatment for skin on the face and will leave it flawless. Apply some aloe vera gel fresh from the plant’s leaf or purchase some from your nearest store before going to sleep. Allow it to rest on the scab through the night without washing it off.
  5. Use Manuka Honey for Face Scabs

    Manuka honey is highly potent and possesses multiple health benefits. It acts as an antifungal, anti-inflammatory agent, and anti-viral. It is especially beneficial in treating acne. When applied on a scabbing face, it will keep the skin moisturized, soothe the wounds and minimize redness. These will help to heal the face scabs fast. Just slather a layer thick enough to cover the scab on your skin before going to bed and cover it up with an aid band. The scab will suck it up and become supple enough to fall off soon enough.
  6. Calendula Gel

    Calendula is a source of healing for cuts, acne, and lesions. It diminishes inflammation and reduces pain. It works in a similar way with aloe vera. When applied on the scabbed skin, it dries up and forms a protective layer.
  7. Use Epsom Salt to Heal Scabs

    Soaking in an Epsom salt bath promotes healing of damaged skin. Since you want to use it on the face, you can soak a clean wash cloth to apply an Epsom salt solution. Use cold water to make it and hold the cloth on the skin for as long as an hour. You may lie down to ease the process and to allow the cloth rest appropriately on your face. This treatment will boost facial skin hydration and protect the skin from further acne breakouts.

    Tips on How to Heal Scabs on Face Overnight Effectively 

    Whether you are looking at how to heal a pimple scab overnight or ways to get rid of scabs attained from picking the skin on your face, how you treat your face matters a lot. Here are some precautions to bear in mind. Ignoring them will only be detrimental to the healing process and may  even cause recurrence.
  • Keep your hands off the skin of your face as much as possible. Despite the accompanying provocative urge to peel the scabs, scratch or pick at them, avoid it. Instead, seem relief by massaging the scabs on face with some oil.
  • Avoid the use of makeup during the healing process as it will clog the pores and extend the healing period. Only use the products when it is inevitable to cover up scabs on the face. Before settling on use of makeup for the same, try and explore if there are other ways to hide the facial scabbing without makeup.
  • While it is recommended that you keep the scab well moisturized, this does not translate to keeping it wet. Always pat the skin dry after cleansing. Avoid wiping or rubbing the skin dry as these could rip the scab off.


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