Scabs on Nipples from Breast feeding, Not Pregnant, Small and Brown

A scab is a crusted covering that is usually dry and scaly. It forms on wounds to form a protective barrier over a wound. It is a part of the healing process. When too dry, scabs become itchy and painful. Below we explore scabs on nipples when breasting feeding, pregnant, and in males.

Scabs on Nipples Causes

You may be wondering, “Why do I have scabs on my nipples?”140 or “why are my nipples scabbing?” Well, any part of the skin that is prone to getting wounds can get scabs. Scabs are most common on the scalp, nose, lips, legs, ears, elbows, and knees. However, it is possible to get them on the nipples around the areola. Below we discuss the different causes of a scab on nipple.

Ulceration of Breast Skin

An ulcer on the areola or nipple could result in scabbing. These may emanate from breast sores, boils or abscesses that scab as they are healing. They are triggered by clogged sweat glands or hair follicles. Usually they will start off with pain, inflammation, swelling, pain, and discharge. Ulcerations may be triggered by wearing tight clothes, humid weather and hormonal imbalance. These will then be followed by scaling, thickening of the skin, and formation of scabs.

Breast Eczema

Atopic breast dermatitis is a type of eczema which is also referred to as nipple eczema, the condition affects the skin surrounding the nipples and areola. Where it is moist eczema, it comes with painful fissuring which results in oozing and crusting. Scabbing caused by eczema is quite common in nursing mothers.

Runners or Joggers Nipple Tip Scabbing

Some lifestyle undertakings and occupations place you at a high risk of experiencing scabs on nipples. Cycling, surfing, running and jogging normally result in friction between nipples and clothing. As a result, there is skin irritation and nipple chafing. In most cases, these are the causes of nipple scabbing in men.

Physical Intimacy

We all love those intimate sessions with our special ones. However, whenever the events are too wild, some form of injury is likely to occur. Kissing too passionately will result in lip hickeys while nibblers will cause cracking and fissures on the nipple when they suck on them too hard or are too rough when caressing them.

Lesions from Herpes

Still related to getting intimate, you may get infected with herpes on the breasts if your partner has oral herpes and they go ahead and suck on your breast. The infection causes formation of tiny vesicles and reddening of the skin around. As the vesicles heal, scabs may form on the nipples.

Small Scabs on Nipple Piercing

All piercings take a little while to heal. During the healing process, you may see redness and white scabbing around the nipple piercing. Scabbing is especially common if you keep picking at the piercing during the healing process. Implementing a thorough after-care regimen is essential for quick healing and to minimize the chances of getting those small scabs and scarring. Follow the instructions given by your piercer for best results.

Breast Surgery Healing Scabs

The various forms of breast surgery for cosmetic purposes could result in scabbing. Breast reduction and nipple correction as well as areola reduction healing scabs are common on the nipples. They are a normal part of the healing process and should fall off within no time. If you are concerned, see your doctor. This will minimize the chances of scars forming on the incision due to excessive scabbing.

Sunburns on Nipples

You may have ventured out or gone for tanning and now you have these crusts and are wondering: Can you get sunburns on your nipples? The answer is yes. Nipples are quite vulnerable and more prone to sunburns. A survey by Lavera revealed that 10 percent of respondents had experienced flaky skin and itchy breasts on their breasts as a result of getting sunburned.
Women and men who sunbathe without clothes on and fail to apply or reapply sunscreen as is appropriate will experience sunburns on any exposed part of the body. As the skin is healing, you will get black scabs on your nipples. On, Peter A. Aldea, MD, recommends that you maintain a moist wound environment by covering the wounds up and applying ointment on it to keep the scabs supple and prevent them from premature falling off.

Scab on Nipple from Breastfeeding or not Breast Feeding

While the above causes of scabs on nipples most apply to both men and women, who in this case are not breastfeeding, it is highly likely to get a scab on nipple tip from breast feeding. There are different causes for this.

If your baby suffers oral thrash and they breast feed, you could get yeast infection on the breasts. Improper latching will lead to cracking, mastitis and sores. All these could see you experience pain and scabbing on your nipples. 

Another reason for scabbing may be allergic breast dermatitis. With the various changes that occur in the body, your skin may become sensitive to fabric or detergents used when doing laundry. Try and switch to mild products and give your clothes, especially bras, several rinses before drying them up to avoid scabbing on nipples.

Since the health of both baby and mother are vital while nursing, the best way of dealing with scabs on nipples from breast feeding is to talk to your doctor or see a lactation specialist. This way you will get guidance on the right way to breast feed to avoid hurting your skin further. You will also get guidance on whether to stop breast feeding and express the milk until your heal or to continue nursing. 

Above all, you will get appropriate treatment and remedies to heal the nipple scabs.
Watch out for symptoms such as tenderness in breast, yellow discharge, fever and sore muscles. If they accompany

Brown Scabs on Nipples Not Pregnant

Scabs adopt different colors. Usually, where there has been bleeding, the crusting will take hues close to red. This may be the reason for having brown scabs on nipples while not pregnant. Where the healing wound is infected, the scabs may appear yellow or green. White scabbing on the nipple is also common.

How to Get Rid of Scabs on Nipples

Scabs serve a protective purpose. They protect the underlying wound from infection-causing microorganisms and cover the skin to give it time to regenerate new skin cells. While picking on the scabs may seem quite irresistible, this is the last thing you want to do. Picking on the scabbing nipple will lead to formation of more scabs and prolong the healing duration. Try the following interventions instead if you are not breast feeding.
  • Apply petroleum jelly on the breast to keep the scab moist. Try Vaseline for scabs or lanolin. First clean the and pat it dry before applying the jelly of your choice.
  • Avoid ill-fitting clothes as these will only irritate the skin further. Wear fitting bras and if they nip off the scabs, try wearing a plastic breast shell to prevent contact between the bra and skin. You may use gel pads to soothe nipple soreness and get some relief from the cooling effect. 
  • Use petroleum jelly to massage the area and ease any itch.



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