How to Get Rid of Acne Scabs on Face Overnight

Both men and women experience pimples at some point in life. From teenagers to women experiencing hormonal imbalance and men experiencing skin issues, these nasty bumps can wreak havoc on your face. When they appear, dermatologists recommend that you just let them be so they can heal naturally and fast. However, a reckless scratch, an unintentional brush with clothes when dressing or the intentional habit of popping pimples will see you nursing a sore that then forms a hard outer covering referred to as a scab.

What are Acne Scabs?

Scabs form as a part of the healing process when the skin is hurt. The process begins as a way of stopping bleeding and then hardens to protect the skin beneath and allow its quick healing. When you pick a pimple through whichever means, you hurt the skin and blood oozes. Once the blood platelets get exposure to the air, they form a clot to stop bleeding. The clot then hardens and darkens with time, covering the still healing skin underneath. It is this protective layer that is referred to as a pimple scab, and the process of its formation is scabbing.

Scabs are essential in the healing process. Its purpose is to protect the skin so it can repair the broken cells. Just like doctors recommend with acne, you should avoid picking scabs. Doing so only exposes the wound leaving it raw. This will expose it to germs and could lead to bleeding, inflammation and infection. Plus, the body will still form another scab to facilitate healing and if the habit is repetitive, scarring will follow. Instead, you should encourage your acne scab to heal fast and fall on its own.

How Do You Get Rid of a Pimple Scab?

Like mentioned earlier, you should avoid handling the pimple to start with, and if there is a scab, do the same. Scabs can get itchy if they dry out which could be hard to resist. The only way to get rid of a scab is by using remedies that quicken the healing process and leaving it to take its healing course by avoiding squeezing, picking and touching it. Keeping it clean will also prevent irritation and prevent infections. With that said, how do you get rid of acne scabs and redness on face overnight, fast and at home?

There are both natural and over the counter products for treating pimple scabs. If your condition is severe, you are better of seeing a specialist doctor so they can do a medical review and recommend something that not only works on the scabs but one that takes into account the severity and nature of your pimples. Whatever method you use, the process is the same, only the products will differ. Here is how to get rid of a pimple scab.
  1. Clean up the scab using your regular facial cleanser. Be as gentle as you can be to prevent knocking the scab off. 
  2. Pat the area dry and apply your choice of remedy as may be necessary. Keep the area moisturized to avoid itchiness.The remedies are discussed below.

How Do You Get Rid of Acne Scabs and Redness Overnight?

We all have experienced it: That untimely zit and is so irritated and conspicuous that it doesn’t escape anyone’s eyes. This could happen to your acne scabs too. To take care of this fast and get rid of acne scabs and redness overnight, try the following:

Ice PacksIce packs are an effective remedy for swelling and redness especially when the scab is still new. The coldness will numb the area, reduce pain, soothe the skin and eliminate irritation so the scab stops being red. To avoid ice burns, wrap your ice pack in a soft cloth and apply on your pimple. Let it rest for a few minutes and repeat several times through the night.

Warm Compress
Warm compresses have the reverse effects on the acne scabbing. While a cold press works by minimizing the flow of blood to the area, a warm compress works by promoting blood flow to the wound. It also aids in the loosening of the scab so it falls off fast.

When you apply a warm compress on the acne scab, it soothes the skin and promotes blood flow. This allows for the quick repair of damaged cells. Dip a clean washcloth in warm water. Be cautious not to get it too hot as this could be uncomfortable. Apply the compress on the scab for about ten minutes or until it gets cold. Be gentle so you don’t scrub the spot while treating it. Repeat as may be necessary.

Tea Tree OilTea tree oil contains natural antibacterial properties. It is, therefore, quite appropriate for skin damage. It will soothe your pimples while promoting quick healing. Use a clean cotton swab to apply the oil on the scab. Allow it to sit I for a while before patting the area. Apply twice a day.

Aloe VeraAnother effective natural remedy for skin problems, aloe vera increases collagen production. This speeds up formation of new skin which promotes healing of wounds. Aloe is also a moisturizer, which makes it all the more an appropriate means on how to get rid of pimple scabs.

Get a fresh aloe leaf and extract some gel from it. Apply this on your scabbed skin and let it stay on through the night. Rinse off in the morning.

Honey is an emolument. It attracts moisture which helps in hydrating your skin. Scabs also heal better when moisturized. It has the ability to minimize itch and prevent the acne scab from flaking.

To use it as a pimple scabs remedy, use your fingers to apply honey on the scabbed spots. Cover it up with a band aid and leave it on for at least 20 minutes. Use plain water to rinse it off.

If you don’t handle your pimple scabs well, they might lead to scarring. This is another problem you do not want to deal with. Be gentle with your face scab and only handle them when cleaning up and applying treatment or remedies.


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